New Boots, marking the start of a new ME!

When I was pregnant with Emmy I went up a shoe size, all my beautiful heeled shoes no longer fitted however when pregnant this didn’t bother me as lets face it I lived in flip flops – even when it was snowing, damn pregnancy swollen feet. I had hoped that once she was born and theRead more

Shiny new shoes #Review

Emmy’s first day at her new Nursery is on Thursday which means the frantic rush to make sure we are School ready has begun.   Last year being in Pre-School she could wear whatever she liked however now she has a School uniform to adhere to.   We’ve begun kitting her out from to toRead more

Clarks Back to School Shoes – review

Emmy starts Pre-School on the 6th September and has been excitedly talking about getting “New School Shoes” for ages now.  Now I know at the age of 2 and a half she doesn’t actually need School shoes as such, however being a Nanny she has seen me take the children I look after to beRead more

Clarks Spring/Summer collection review

Emmy is a girl after my own heart and LOVES shoes, well what girl wouldn’t – I have actually lost count of the number of shoes she has had since we first had here feet measured at Clarks way back on the 13th November 2010 (I do remember the date as we have a mementoRead more

Clarks – Lovely warm Gortex Boots

At the beginning of the month Clarks released their AW11 range of shoes, just to remind you here is the preview of Clarks new range I resently told you about. I have always chosen Clarks shoes for Emmy as Children’s small feet need properly looking after.  If you are still to get your child’s feetRead more

Step out in Style with Clarks Kids

I would like to introduce you to the New Clarks AW11 ranges for kids – shoes which take them from their first early walking steps through to the latest pre-teen fashion. From boots to pumps, fashion is the watchword for this exciting new girls’ collection for AW11 (Autumn/Winter 2011). Soft suede and premium leather bootsRead more