Dreaming of a peaceful haven

I’ve mentioned before that we purchased our house from Paul’s parents, their house sale fell through and as a bridge, Paul took on the mortgage for our house with the notion to selling it straight away….well considering I am living here you’ve guessed that didn’t happen!  We didn’t manage to sell it and then gotRead more

Christmas made extra special – Christmas Memories

There is something magical about Christmas time. I just love it, the decorating the house, wrapping the presents and the excitement in the morning… Usually far too early in this household but I remember being the same when I was young, who am I kidding I’m awake before the kids!   Christmas means so muchRead more

Playing with my food! plus a Giveaway worth over £100

I know, I know! You’re not supposed to play with your food, it’s drummed into us from an early age not to however Tesco have challenged a few bloggers to use the new Thomas knives to create some culinary master pieces. For this challenge I’ve been sent a Thomas kitchenware knife block with 5 knives. Read more

My perfect mother’s day wardrobe

Mother’s day is pretty much like any other Sunday in this house. Emmy won’t be making me a card or gift at School this year sadly as we go away on holiday next week so she will be missing a week of School – such a shame as I love her beautiful cards…and I’m notRead more

Project usable garden

We are really lucky to have a decent sized garden. I love that it’s big enough for the kids to play in safely,  however parts of it are unsafe and unusable, definitely not child friendly. When we moved in 9 years ago Paul had the grand idea of knocking down the brick built BBQ, sadly andRead more