Giveaway: Win a Baby Annabel Baby Brother Doll

If you look around our house the one toy we have the most of and the most accessories to go with are Dolls, even at 6 years old these are still Emmy’s favourite toys and I can’t blame her I was exactly the same as a child.  I had lots of Dolls too growing upRead more

Giveaway: Win a Smiggle Bundle

We are huge stationery fans here, I have SO many notebooks with half written to-do lists in – they are half written because Emmy tends to steal them for her drawings and of course I don’t have the heart to take them back again as she is amazing at drawing currently and loves to practiceRead more

Giveaway: Win a 3 month subscription to Readly

You will have seen my review recently of Readly, the online magazine subscription which allows you to read all of your favourite titles on your tablet or smart phone from wherever you are. This is the perfect way to introduce yourself to new content you may not have purchased in the shops or to keepRead more

Giveaway: Win a family ticket to Kidzania

Since visiting Kidzania in April with a group of Emmy and Harry’s friends and cousins they have been asking begging to go back again and I honestly can’t blame them.  I mean where else can children work on a radio station, change tyres on a car, put out fires, work in a special care babyRead more

Giveaway: Win family tickets to Dreamworks Tours Shrek’s Adventure

This summer I can not wait to take the children back to visit DreamWorks Tours Shrek’s Adventure again, we’ve been only once and Harry was a little too small and got scared. This next time he will know what to expect and being a full year older I’m sure he will love it just asRead more

Giveaway: Win family tickets to the SeaLife Aquarium London

Regular readers will know just how much we love the SeaLife Aquarium in London, it’s a place Harry asks to visit all the time and we could happily spend ALL day walking around (and have on a few occasions) but is also a place we can whizz around quickly to kill some time. You areRead more

Review & Giveaway: Letts Wild About activity books

As you know both of my children are now in school, Emmy is in year 1 and Harry attends the school Nursery 2 days a week and although he hasn’t attended many sessions as yet due to bank holidays, inset days and illness he is enjoying it. Now both my children are the complete opposite toRead more

Giveaway: Win a years subscription to Acronis True Image Cloud

Have you ever had that horrifying moment of losing your phone or breaking it and having to do a factory reset before it’s sent off for repair?  I had to do this recently, and I tried backing up as much data, video and pictures before they were lost forever. I’ve also had this with myRead more

Giveaway: Win a Ted Baker Wallet & Card Holder

With Father’s Day just around the corner you may be wondering what to get that man who seems to have everything.  I find this occasion one of the hardest to shop for as not only do I need to find a gift for my Dad but also for Paul’s Dad and then for Paul fromRead more

Giveaway: Introducing KIT & COCO

With two children now in school it is only a matter of time before that dreaded letter is sent home in their school bags, you know the one I mean, the one which makes parents itch and scratch and pray the culprit isn’t their child. Yes I am talking about the headlice letter! It isRead more