Review: Marley Spoon a recipe kit delivery service

I do like trying out new recipes with the family, I have shelves full of cookery books however by the time I’ve decided what to make and make a list of ingredients I will need I either forget that list when shopping or can’t find half of the ingredients in the store.   Recently MarleyRead more

Recipes in Glass: That day I spent cooking with Cherry Healey

    I’m not the best cook, that I will admit, but I do love it.  I’ve a whole shelf in my kitchen dedicated to cook books yet I seem to cook the same things all the time (I was more adventurous pre-kids when I had more time).  So when I received an invitation to aRead more

Warming Beef in Guinness

It’s starting to get colder now so I’ve been ensuring we have a nice warm home cooked meal in the evenings. Tonight’s offering was Beef in Guinness – easy to cook, filling and one for Mummy and Daddy to enjoy (it probably would have been fine for the kids as it’s cooked for around 3 hours soRead more

Carrot & Coriander Soup

The Children love vegetables – I know I am lucky.   They will eat them in all forms but their favourite is in soup form. This is their all time favourite Carrot & Coriander Soup: Ingredients: 900g Carrots 1 Onion 2 small Potatoes 2 pints of Chicken stock 1/4 Pint double cream 2 tsp Coriander pasteRead more

Easy Cheesey Chevre Tasting and Cookery Lesson

Last month thanks to Mumsnet I was invited to attend a French Goat’s Cheese themed Masterclass hosted by Sophie Wright, this was as part of the Easy Cheesey Chevre campaign.  Sophie is one of the youngest ad most talented chefs around at the moment, she is also author of cookbook “Home at 7, Dinner at 8” which has been regularlyRead more

Entertaining Emmy

Having children is expensive enough, all those nappies, new clothes, toys and the shoes…wow, i thought i had a lot of shoes but i’m sure at this rate Emmy will have far more than me, she is on pair number 8 already this year. (there may have been more but i’ve stopped counting now). AsRead more