Guest post from Jayne: DIY Leaf Bowl Using Air Drying Clay

Fall leaf bowl craft

This week we are away on holiday so as usual I will be passing these pages over to other awesome bloggers to entertain you. I love being able to introduce you to fellow bloggers who you may not yet be familiar with – but I do hope they will become part of your new regularRead more

Exploring weather through craft

The children have always loved talking about the weather, wanting to know if it will rain and of course desperate to know when we will get snow.  The sudden changes from day to day fascinate them as well as annoy them as much as me – they get frustrated being able to play in theRead more

Half term fun #FloraFamilyFun

Last week Emmy was off sick for a few days and then past the dreaded bug onto Harry.   This has meant even with a few sunny days we’ve been stuck in the house so as not to pass the germs on to others.   Thankfully we were sent a hamper of craft activities andRead more

It’s been a banging kinda day

It probably goes without saying that the theme for today has been fireworks. We started off today painting firework pictures: I used all of our glitter paints and the brightest colours I could find in our art box and poured them into a catering tray.  I them gathered together thinks we could print with andRead more

Sewing with ribbons – card craft

At the moment Emmy’s favourite game is spiders webs – basically this involves her wrapping ribbon, wool or cellotape around everything until she has made a huge mess spiders web. This is played all day and every day at the moment as Nanny Knitting (given her name as she knits the kids lovely cardigan’s) found out thisRead more

Entertaining Emmy

Having children is expensive enough, all those nappies, new clothes, toys and the shoes…wow, i thought i had a lot of shoes but i’m sure at this rate Emmy will have far more than me, she is on pair number 8 already this year. (there may have been more but i’ve stopped counting now). AsRead more