Surviving the Summer holidays – So far at least

Park picnic, surviving the summer holidays

With the children off of school for another 2 weeks so far we are surviving the summer holidays and on a MASSIVE parenting WIN we haven’t had any ‘I’m bored’ moans yet.  I’m taking that as a huge win as they can come home from a fun filled day out usually and start complaining of having nothingRead more

Win prizes with a family scavenger hunt in London

Wonderoid challenge

Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery is a brand new gallery launching in the Science Museum this October.  This gallery has been designed to help encourage children and adults alike to be more curious and ignite a passion for the sciences.  It will be more hands-on than before and is set to be very popular with both children and adults alike. RunningRead more

Cornish beach life – the perfect way to spend a holiday

Poldhu Cove, Cornish Beach

We’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in Cornwall.  Staying with Paul’s Aunt in a little village called Mullion. The lovely thing about this tiny village is that everyone knows each other and the whole village is easily accessible by foot. It is also close to some beautiful beaches, and other fun attractions.  However givenRead more

Summer holidays are here

I am so excited for the start of our 6 weeks holiday adventures.  With both children now in school they were very ready for some time off and some lazy days and some fun days. It was certainly time to throw routine out of the window and to kick back for a while. Harry finished schoolRead more

Family fun at The O2

We have visited The O2 on a few occasions with the children but never to spend any real time there as such, just to go to events or to make use of the car parks and easy access across the river to central London.  We have seen ITNG here twice now and then visited oneRead more

Keeping stress at bay through laughter

Our Easter holidays are almost over now, which is rather sad seeing as some of the children’s friends are just starting theirs.  The holidays have been strange here – schools 10 minutes down the road broke up yesterday for two weeks, my Mum’s school included (she is a school cook), while my children broke upRead more

Family days out in North Wales

“I’m bored” is a sentence that goes off like a klaxon in some houses – particularly during the school holidays! It can be the canary in the coal mine for mischief, and it’s best headed off at the pass before someone ends up with steam coming out of their ears (that’s usually me in thisRead more

Pandamonium at Chessington

We were very kindly invited back to Chessington for an exclusive preview of the new show which launched just this week in time for the Easter holidays.   It was #Pandamonium from the minute we arrived to the time we left, of course I don’t mean chaos erupting and children running wild….although there was a littleRead more

A Festive night out at #Hogwartsinthesnow

There is still the magical hold over me when I think of Harry Potter, although it’s been many years since I read the books I can still remember the first time.   I’ve re-read them all many many times over but nothing beats your first time does it? There will always be the memories ofRead more