It’s a Boy! Baby Annabell’s little brother doll review

When eye’s were glued to the TV and news for the arrival of the newest Royal baby we were eagerly awaiting our own delivery only we already know it was a boy – as with all baby deliveries you can’t guarantee it’s arrival date (unless you are having a planned C-section like I did withRead more

My Friend Rainbow Girl by Emily aged 7

Emmy absolutely loves writing, she gets through reams and reams of paper making up her own stories and if she isn’t writing stories she is writing lists to leave all over the house. When Center Parcs got in touch with us last year asking us to team up on a story writing campaign I justRead more

Review: Summer uniform from Ecooutfitters

Woo hoo we’re having a heatwave…..well that’s what we have been promised anyway, I personally will believe it when I see it.   That said we are now well into the Summer School term and Summer uniforms are being worn.   For Emmy that means a Blue and White checked Gingham dress with White ankleRead more

Our Family Film – Viewing

I recently told you about a very exciting day we spent being photographed and filmed by film maker Leon from Our Family Film.  It was a very fun day and we welcomed Leon into our family home and he came on a family walk in the park and woodland at the back of our houseRead more

Milestones: 1st tooth lost

It’s inevitable,  a sign of growing up and a sign my baby is no longer a baby. On Friday Emmy came home saying her tooth hurt her.  After much persuasion I managed to get a glimpse and we discovered a wobbly tooth. Then of course the tears came as she didn’t like it and didn’tRead more

Over coming the swimming nerves with Splash About

I told you recently that Emmy had moved up swimming groups in the swimming lessons and she was struggling with the scary change.   The problem was she was getting scared in the big pool, she can’t touch the bottom and the teacher now stands at the side of the pool.   Coupled with beingRead more

Change is scary when you’re young!

    Recently Emmy was moved up from her swimming class, she had progressed enough to pass the next stages, gain her stage 2 badge and also her 5m badge.  This meant she was now a Yellow hat in her swimming lessons.   My clever girl had progresses from swimming with me and her DadRead more