FREE things to do in London with the Kids

free things to do in london with kids

If you’re thinking about taking a family day out or weekend trip to London this year, you may be a little apprehensive about the cost. As a major financial centre, the city has earned a reputation for being expensive. It’s true that there are lots of ways to blow vast amounts of money. But theRead more

Christmas Mayhem

I can’t believe Christmas is actually over already.  It hardly feels like it ever began if I’m honest, this year hasn’t ‘felt’ like Christmas for us. Like many people we uttered the words “Is it really Christmas eve?” as it really didn’t feel like it at the time and instead of spending a relaxing eveningRead more

Kiddicare Lakeside

This could be lethal for my bank balance as Kiddicare have opened a store just 25 minutes from my house.  I have been dying to visit Peterborough where Kiddicare had it’s only store – however as it’s quite a journey for me I hadn’t gotten around to it but they have now opened another 3 storesRead more

My Baby is now 8 weeks old

I’m really not sure how that happened, I’ve slept a little and blinked and the time has disappeared. He has now outgrown his newborn clothes, which have now been packed away, is having naps in his cot morning and afternoon for up to 3 hours at a time meaning I can get jobs done againRead more

Build a Bear – Review

I’m sure there isn’t a child around who doesn’t know what Build-A-Bear Workshop is.  Emmy has seen the store but hasn’t shown an interest until recently when the adverts have been on TV. We were offered a build-a-bear review and I knew Emmy had gotten to the age where she would enjoy it and understand what itRead more

Bibee Breast Feeding Dress – Review

A while ago I was tweeted by a lovely lady Nicola asking if I would like to review a Breast Feeding Dress, knowing I was going to continue feeding Harry myself for a while and having the party season approaching I was rather pleased and agreed. The website wasn’t up and running at this pointRead more

The Christmas Tag – Meme

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Mandi from Hex Mum and Elizabeth from Where Roots and Wings Entwine in this new meme – The Christmas Tag, which is a list of questions about Christmas which need answering. So here goes: Q1. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? The build up with Emmy, seeing her face when weRead more