Our top 10 things to make from boxes

This post was originally written in 2014 – however, it is a great time to reshare in preparation for a house FULL of boxes in a few days time. There are piles and piles of boxes everywhere, nearly every toy came in a box so we have them of all shapes and sizes. Of course,Read more

How to make Snowman Skittles

Homemade skittles

It’s freezing and while the weatherman isn’t yet reporting snow much to the kids disappointment, here is a simple way of entertaining the kids with homemade Snowmen Skittles without freezing outside.   What you need: Toilet & Kitchen rolls White paper Coloured paper Eye stickers or a black pen Glue Scissors News paper Ball StartRead more

Summer holidays are here

I am so excited for the start of our 6 weeks holiday adventures.  With both children now in school they were very ready for some time off and some lazy days and some fun days. It was certainly time to throw routine out of the window and to kick back for a while. Harry finished schoolRead more

Family fun at The O2

We have visited The O2 on a few occasions with the children but never to spend any real time there as such, just to go to events or to make use of the car parks and easy access across the river to central London.  We have seen ITNG here twice now and then visited oneRead more

Bird spotting in the Congo

A few weeks ago Emmy discovered Um Bongo juice, she was drawn to the colourful carton and loves mixed fruit drinks so it fast became her new favourite drink.  Of course it was impossible to give to her without singing the song and she wanted to learn it herself.  Thankfully for us the words areRead more

How and where to find bugs and minibeasts

What is it about children and bugs?  They just love to find them, search for them, hold them and generally get mucky, messy and dirty!  It’s not a bad thing of course and is something I actively encourage. We love getting back to nature and being outdoors. The messier the better in our books becauseRead more

Exploring weather through craft

The children have always loved talking about the weather, wanting to know if it will rain and of course desperate to know when we will get snow.  The sudden changes from day to day fascinate them as well as annoy them as much as me – they get frustrated being able to play in theRead more

Cooking with kids: Schwartz easy leftover chicken curry

Cooking a nutritious meal really doesn’t have to take a long time, nor does it need a huge long list of ingredients to create a tasty meal for all of the family to enjoy.  Having two young children I used to find it was often tricky to find foods which we would all enjoy together asRead more

BBQ Chicken with Mexican Rice Tacos #CincoDeMayo with Old El Paso

Did you know that on the 5th May Cinco De Mayo is celebrated – now I had absolutely no idea what this actually was for or about so had to turn to my old friend Google. It is actually a celebration among Mexican communities in Mexico and North America marking the Mexican defeat of FrenchRead more

How to make a garden themed frame

Spring is now here and the flowers are beginning to bloom in the gardens – not mine as the kids pulled them all up last year so I’ve not bothered to replace them until they can be trusted to behave again. Instead I like to fill our house with fresh flowers, however for the timesRead more