Summer Reading Challenge

Today I signed Emmy up to the Summer reading challenge at our local library.  I have always done this with the children I have looked after so was keen to start with Emmy. What is it?  It’s an event run by libraries throughout the UK, a fun way of keeping children reading throughout the holidaysRead more

Emmy has green fingers – Just like Grandad

If you have ever been round to my house you will know that gardening has never been my strong point.  Infact when we first moved in we had gardeners – they were never very good to be honest and often it was hard to tell exactly what they had done, but it meant that IRead more

Why i’m so excited!!

Yesterday evening I receieved an email from a lovely lady called Paula from Tutu Sweet UK, they were running a competition to win a pair of tickets to the most sought after children’s event happening over the summer holidays – Lollibop, I had won!! I’m not too embarrased to tell you that I actually gotRead more

Woodland walks and outdoor fun

Just because it is the School holidays doesn’t mean you need to spend money.  Infact as Mummy to a toddler School holidays mean nothing to us yet, except our clubs finish and the swimming pools and indoor play centres are crowded. So for the last 2 days while the weather has been nice we haveRead more

Pizza for tea

I find if I let Emmy help me make dinner, she eats more as she feels involved – although as she is only 17 months old I make easy and quick things with her. Yesterday was homemade pizza. Ingredients: Pizza base or packet mix (we used packet mix) Tomatoe puree or chopped tomatoes (we cheatedRead more

Pasta Play

“Don’t play with your food, eat it.”  Hands up who has said it to their child?  I know I have numerous times both at home and when I was working. Today we are breaking all the rules and having a Teddy bears picnic with coloured pasta. What you need: Dry pasta (we are using 3Read more

Chocolate Krispie Cakes

Daddy (Paul) was busy working on my computer the other day and Emmy being Emmy kept making a bee line for it, so quick distraction was needed. First thoughts were fairy cakes, however we had run out of eggs so Chocolate Krispie cakes it was. What you need: Large bar of cooking chocolate                                  OpinionalRead more

Entertaining Emmy

Having children is expensive enough, all those nappies, new clothes, toys and the shoes…wow, i thought i had a lot of shoes but i’m sure at this rate Emmy will have far more than me, she is on pair number 8 already this year. (there may have been more but i’ve stopped counting now). AsRead more