How to make your own Dragon Mask & Tail

We all know children who love dressing up, Emmy and Harry would do this everyday given half the chance but don’t you just hate it when they ask to be something you don’t have a costume for!  Harry’s latest obsession is Monsters and Dragons, and apart from a Monsters Inc. costume we are completely lackingRead more

Review: Interplay Instant Flower Press

As a child I used to love collecting flowers to press, I had a flower press which was thick card pages and you would put the flowers inbetween the pages, tie closed and leave for a few days – I would place a heavy book over it to speed things along but it was aRead more

Our Christmas Traditions new and old: How to make a Reindeer Handprint Card

In our household we have a few Christmas traditions which help to add to the excitement of the festive spirit – not that the children need too much help getting over excited.   Our traditions are: Making homemade cards – I’ve a really cute Reindeer Handprint card to share with you at the end ofRead more

After School Heroes with Heinz: How to make a Veggie packed Shephard’s Pie

Now the weather is horrid and cold we are finding the walk to and from school rather wet and cold so after a full day at school for Emmy and 2 full days for Harry I like to ensure they have a proper hot meal for their dinner. Being a busy WAHM it is often difficult toRead more

How to make an Autumn Hand Print Tree

I love Autumn, the changing colours and the falling leaves.  I’ve been talking about the changing seasons with the kids and trying to explain the difference between the seasons. Emmy knows that in Summer it is hot and in Winter it’s cold and hopefully that means snow, Spring and Autumn however are a little harder to explain and ofRead more

It’s the time for new skills – Learning to ride without stabilisers

It was only last week I shared with you Harry’s new skill of learning to ride his bike properly, his confidence doing this has been amazing and the speeds he can now peddle amazes me and certainly makes the school run interesting as he whizzes off really fast and I then have to make aRead more

Keeping the kids entertained now schools are back

Anyone with kids will know just how tricky it can be keeping them entertained at the best of times. Now that the summer holidays are over and the kids are back at school, what now? You may be wondering what to do to keep the little ones entertained after school and over the weekend. Encouraging your children toRead more

Recipe: Hidden Treasure Cupcakes

Ahoy there me hearties, being as it’s almost international talk like a Pirate day, I thought I’d be sharing me recipe for Hidden Treasure Cupcakes with ya.   Down to the nitty gritty as we can’t be wasting out precious bounty hunting time can we?       Ingredients: For cakes: 6oz self raising flour 6oz castorRead more

Funfair adventures and the curse of car troubles (again)

I can honestly say that I’ve a love/hate relationship with cars.   I love them when they are working and can get me from A to B and back again but I seriously HATE them when they go wrong.   We get by with just one car in the family these days as during theRead more

A Trip to Willows Farm

    A little while ago I took the children to Willows Farm in Colney Heath with my Mum.   Willows Farm is somewhere we have been many times before, set in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside this is a lovely day out for all the family.   We actually visited during the Spring time events however withRead more