A long overdue family update

It’s been a little while since I wrote a family update, things have been rather busy here and it keeps getting bumped off my to-do-list annoyingly as family is the heart of this blog after all. It’s very hard to believe we are nearing the end of March, this year is just speeding by far too quicklyRead more

Sex, body image and all those in-depth conversations we dread just a little

Sex, body image and hard conversations we dread

As a parent there are so many conversations that we gear ourselves up for but it doesn’t make them any easier to actually get the words out, to word them in an age appropriate way depending on when our children ask them. Emmy has already become curious as to where babies come from, as aRead more

Win prizes with a family scavenger hunt in London

Wonderoid challenge

Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery is a brand new gallery launching in the Science Museum this October.  This gallery has been designed to help encourage children and adults alike to be more curious and ignite a passion for the sciences.  It will be more hands-on than before and is set to be very popular with both children and adults alike. RunningRead more

Summer holidays are here

I am so excited for the start of our 6 weeks holiday adventures.  With both children now in school they were very ready for some time off and some lazy days and some fun days. It was certainly time to throw routine out of the window and to kick back for a while. Harry finished schoolRead more

Why I love staycations with young children

As you know Emmy and Harry are only 6 and 3 years old, to me they are still only young and can not only be a handful at times but they can also be rather fussy.  Neither like change and also both like to know in advance what we are doing, where we are going andRead more

Should babysitters be paid minimum wage?

How much to pay babysitters

I have always looked after children even before having my own.  For my school work placements I worked in schools and was asked by a few of the parents to babysit their children in the evenings from the age of around 14. After school I went onto college to study for my DNN (Diploma inRead more