Top tips for surviving a December Birthday

You only have one Birthday a year right? Well unless you’re the Queen you do! But what happens if your Birthday falls in December? It’s not exactly your fault, is it? You’re not to blame that for everyone it is the most expensive time of the year, are you? If anyone is to blame it’sRead more

What else do I do while working from home?

I spend nearly all of my time at home, obviously I do go out for the school runs, shopping and at the weekend but working from home means I spend the majority of my time here. I love the freedom which working from home brings as I can take the children to school, attend theirRead more

Reclaiming a little freedom and time away from the kids

As I sit here on a Sunday evening and reflect back on this weekend I don’t feel stressed, tired or even worn out as I usually do by this point in the weekend. There has been no shouting, screaming, cross words or arguments which is actually almost unheard of recently. Everyone here has been aRead more

Harry and his water adventures

Regular readers will know that both Emmy and Harry have been having Swimming lessons from a young age.  I believe it a very important life skill which all children should learn. As much as I loved taking Harry for his lessons it was getting to that point where he didn’t want to be held andRead more

Planning Harry’s new bigger and better bedroom

It’s that time of year again, spring has sprung and my thoughts are of spring cleaning. I always seem to do these things in extremes, either I just don’t bother at all or I end up gutting a room, removing as much as I can and totally moving it around – including all the largeRead more

No its really not time for number 3!

When I was childless people never dared to ask when I would be starting a family, well with the exception of a few family members which started on our honeymoon that is…thanks Phil! When my miscarriages happened, again and again it definitely stopped anyone from asking, they were way too scared of my reaction and fearedRead more

Leave me alone!! I refuse to buy into your pyramid schemes

That’s it I’ve had enough now. I’ve blown a fuse and lost my cool. The first few times it was OK, I deleted or removed myself and didn’t say a word. BUT when will you get the message? Never it would seem. Now I’ve had enough. LEAVE ME ALONE…. I’M 100% NOT INTERESTED IN BUYINGRead more

Successful shopping in the sales for the kids

I absolutely love the January sales, in fact I love sales in general.  It is VERY rare that I will buy anything which isn’t reduced (except for food but I do even look in the reduced aisle’s whenever I can and stock up the freezer when I find a bargain). With Emmy’s birthday on 4thRead more