Behind a painted smile 

Behind a painted smile

Looking around the playground there are smiles all around me. Laughter and happy tales but behind those painted smiles are tired and broken people The kids didn’t sleep I know because you posted last night on social media, then again this morning stating how many times they had you up. I do the same myself.Read more

Adding exercise into my daily routine

Thinking slimmer

Now the kids are back at school I am determined that this extra stone and a bit I’ve put back on in the last year needs to disappear for good. Last year I was so good and got myself into a good habit of eating well, stopping when I was full and adding a littleRead more

A visit to St Thomas’ Dental Hospital: Fast tracking Harry’s appointment

St Thomas' Dental Hospital

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for all your messages, tweets and emails after I wrote about Harry’s teeth extraction referral and the problems we were having in moving this urgent appointment forward from April 2017. It has been so reassuring reading all your messages on Instagram about your personal experiences with tooth damageRead more

Teeth extraction referral: a simple trip to the park gone wrong

St Thomas' Dental Hospital

I’m not sure if I ever told you about Harry’s accident last year. We were at his Grandad’s house playing in the garden, kids running around happily as usual when Harry fell over, tripping over his own feet. An accident all children have often, only this time he fell hitting his face on a ladderRead more

Let’s talk about Smear Tests!

Let’s face it us women sure do have a bum deal when it comes to matters ‘down there’ – no not Australia I mean our Vaginas.  Not only do we have to deal with periods once a month (sometimes more if we are unlucky) we also have those letters hitting our doormats every 3 yearsRead more

Finding our lost smiles and promoting oral health

I love nothing more than seeing my children smile, the innocence of childhood and the giggling at nearly everything is what really warms my heart.  They find the simplest things hysterical such as the worst jokes, slap stick humour and tickles. The little things we take for granted mean the most to children and thoseRead more

Over the threshold: April kids edition

The children are very lucky in that they see a lot of products arriving in our household for them, some they like more than others such as toys obviously and other are more practical items. This month they have been sent a variety of things to try out from vitamins to cuddly toys.  Here areRead more

Syner-Med Non Contact Thermometer Review

While at the Baby Show recently Paul was asked a question while we were browsing a stall selling a New type of thermometer.  The Question was “How do you take your Child’s temperature?”.  Paul’s answer was a typical Paul answer – “I don’t know you will have to ask my wife”. While chatting with MartinRead more