How safe are your children on the Internet?

Keeping children safe online

Both my children have their own tablets, at the age of 4, Harry’s is a basic Kids Kindle which he uses for the games we have downloaded for him and to watch either YouTube Kids or Netflix. He is signed into his own profile for this tablet for which we have set the parental controlsRead more

Internet safety and our children

Although my children are only 6 & 3 years of age a lot of modern day life is spent online, we have cancelled our Sky TV package and now only watch YouTube and Netflix.  Emmy can navigate these herself and while she only watches shows she likes and is allowed it is only a matterRead more

How to keep our children safe online – Internet Matters

I know Emmy is only 5 and a half but she is getting to that age where she is beginning to spend a little time online now, she has IT lessons at school and can navigate her way around the school computers quite well now – they use drawing and maths programmes currently and asRead more