Keeping snug on the School run – National walk to School month

As you know Emmy is in Reception now, gone are the days of getting away with saying she fancied a day off and me being a soft touch and letting her!  I know, I know but I do enjoy having her at home with me so much.   Now we live slap back in theRead more

Catching up with good friends at Kiddicare Enfield

Driving around a few months back it was impossible not to see this (above pic) in my local area, the telltale sign that something exciting was coming to Enfield. Never one to be behind on exciting new developments I emailed the lovely Jennie, a friend and lovely PR for Kiddicare to ask exactly when I would get theRead more

Kiddicare Lakeside

This could be lethal for my bank balance as Kiddicare have opened a store just 25 minutes from my house.  I have been dying to visit Peterborough where Kiddicare had it’s only store – however as it’s quite a journey for me I hadn’t gotten around to it but they have now opened another 3 storesRead more