How to make a garden themed frame

Spring is now here and the flowers are beginning to bloom in the gardens – not mine as the kids pulled them all up last year so I’ve not bothered to replace them until they can be trusted to behave again. Instead I like to fill our house with fresh flowers, however for the timesRead more

Keepsake Octopus with Red Ted Art

We had a very exciting delivery this morning, I had pre-ordered a crafting book from Amazon written by Maggy Woodley, a lovely lady I have had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger who has the most amazing site showcasing her kids crafts over at Red Ted Art in easy to follow guides. The wait was over and ourRead more

Potato Printing – Valentines Day Cards

It’s that time of year when love is in the air and when your almost 3 everyone loves you – last year Emmy got 4 valentines cards and I’ve been informed that one has already been chosen in the shop for her by a boy this year!! For now I will allow this, however whenRead more

5 minute Confetti Crafts

Have you been to a wedding this year? Is there that spare box of confetti still sitting on your shelf?  Actually we haven’t been to a wedding this year, our confetti was left over from last years weddings…..It was annoying me so much just sitting on the shelf that it has now been turned intoRead more