My Sunday photo

This weekend we’ve been to a family wedding.  While everyone was having their photo’s taken the children took themselves off quietly to play with flowers. The sun was shining and they happily amused themselves by running around the trees playing hide and seek and picking flowers to throw at each other as confetti. It wasRead more

A new era – Harry starts Nursery

I have no idea where the time is going and it is scary to now think my baby is officially no longer a baby, well I guess its been a long time since he was that but you know what I mean I’m sure. It seems like only yesterday he started Pre-School but actually itRead more

It’s the time for new skills – Learning to ride without stabilisers

It was only last week I shared with you Harry’s new skill of learning to ride his bike properly, his confidence doing this has been amazing and the speeds he can now peddle amazes me and certainly makes the school run interesting as he whizzes off really fast and I then have to make aRead more

Milestones: 1st tooth lost

It’s inevitable,  a sign of growing up and a sign my baby is no longer a baby. On Friday Emmy came home saying her tooth hurt her.  After much persuasion I managed to get a glimpse and we discovered a wobbly tooth. Then of course the tears came as she didn’t like it and didn’tRead more

Making changes and planning #MagicMoments

This weekend you’ll have noticed I’ve not blogged,  that was planned. I vowed to spend more family time together this year and by family time I also mean time with my husband. Valentine’s seemed a good time to put those plans into action and I posted my 365 a day early and switched off forRead more

My Little Explorers on Camber Sands Beach

Last weekend we spent the weekend in a caravan for the first time.  We also visited Camber Sands for the first time.   Despite it actually being the last day of October/the first week of November we were rather lucky with the weather.   On the Saturday we went swimming in the morning then tookRead more

A first! Harry’s first hair cut

Where has the time gone?   Can someone please slow it down.   It’s going too fast   My babies are growing up.   Yesterday was a special day.   Harry’s first hair cut.   I still remember Emmy’s 1st hair cut,  in the same hairdressers.   I’ve a picture of her sitting on myRead more

My cheeky little madam

Emmy has really come out of herself this year.   I think it was starting Nursery last September which brought her out of her shell.     She is a chatter box at home, honestly she never ever stops…even in her sleep.  I’ve no idea where she gets it from *cough*   However outside away fromRead more