10 signs you know you’re a blogger….Meme & Linky

I am now approaching my 5th year Blogging here at Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s Too!, of course when I started out it was Emmy’s Mummy way back then.  I love it and it has, of course, changed from a hobby to a job over the years but I still remember the early days fondly, rattlingRead more

The Random Me – Meme

I was tagged recently by the lovely Jaime – The Olivers Madhouse to take part in a Meme … She has given me some questions to answer which are a little strange but hey ho – here I go: If you could travel back in time, which person from history would you like to meet and why?I wouldRead more

Is there such a thing as TMI? Here goes – TMI Meme

I’m not sure whether or not to be thankful or run for cover by the fact that I’ve been tagged by +Liz Tumbridge (Hart of the Munchkin Patch) and Sarah (My Beautiful Three) in this meme.  As the title suggests they want me to share TMI by answering some questions.   Is there actually such a thing asRead more

The Christmas Tag – Meme

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Mandi from Hex Mum and Elizabeth from Where Roots and Wings Entwine in this new meme – The Christmas Tag, which is a list of questions about Christmas which need answering. So here goes: Q1. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? The build up with Emmy, seeing her face when weRead more

Mummy’s Make-up

Jayne over at Mums the word has asked for brave stupid volunteers to let their children loose on their make-up bags and to get the child/ren to do “Mummy’s make-up” for her. Well I wasn’t that silly – Emmy does enough damage to my make-up while being supervised, so Daddy brought her a magazine whichRead more

Capture the Colour

Travel Supermarket are holding a blogging competition, to enter I need to find pictures I own depicting the colours Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White (or I can chose just 1 colour), tag 5 other bloggers and add my images including a brief description or story about them.  I was kindly tagged by Angie of CakesPhotosLife to enter this competitionRead more

Grrrrrrr MEN!!!

I’ve lost track recently of the number of times I’ve said that……all aimed at one man in particular!  My Husband! Come on ladies, we all say it don’t we, often under our breaths or even to friends.  I’m braking that and am saying it out loud. So here is my list of Grrrrrrr moments fromRead more

The Olympic Meme

Thank you so much to Cerys over at Rainy Day Mum for passing the Olympic torch onto Emmy’s Mummy, it is only fitting we complete this Meme now having watched the actual Olympic Torch pass through Waltham Abbey last weekend. 1) If every day tasks were Olympic events what would you get a gold medal in?PreparingRead more