Latest and Last pregnancy update

My journey for this pregnancy started with a positive pregnancy test on 15th February 2012 and it seems like I’ve been pregnant for ever!  I know I haven’t been but it feels like it due to my miscarriage history and the sickness which has been present the whole of this pregnancy barring about 6 weeksRead more

38 Week Pregnancy update

The weeks are flying now finally, I’m currently 38+1 weeks Pregnant and more than ready now. Baby was breech up until 37 weeks when an accident with a friend/alcohol (her not me) and an Epi Pen landed me in A&E in London hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and an ECG machine as myRead more

I’ve got a secret to tell

Well……….. There is something I’ve been keeping quiet for quite a few weeks now.  Something which a few choice people already know and something which generally isn’t announced for a while yet until it is safe to do so, however if all doesn’t go to plan I wouldn’t keep it quiet so here goes….. There my secretRead more

My pregnancy with Emmy and her birth story

Watching OBEM tonight has made me want to share Emmy’s birth story with you.  They say you never forget but the pain goes away – well that is completely true. Those of you following this Blog will know it wasn’t an easy journey to actually have Emmy – I suffered 3 miscarriages before her whichRead more