4 tickets to the Babyshow to giveaway

As some of you know I am off to the Baby Show again on Friday, this is being held in London Excel on 24-26th February. I attended the event last November and had a great time meeting loads of lovely people, seeing some wonderful new products and getting to play around with them too –Read more

Competition to win 1 of 2 Non-Contact Themometers

We recently played with and reviewed a Non-Contact Thermometer from Syner-Med Direct.  This is a new thermometer which will eventually be replacing the in-ear sytle thermometers within the NHS as it uses advanced infared technology so is quicker, easier and more hygenic than the in-ear style ones.  I use mine all the time! Here is whatRead more

Syner-Med Non Contact Thermometer Review

While at the Baby Show recently Paul was asked a question while we were browsing a stall selling a New type of thermometer.  The Question was “How do you take your Child’s temperature?”.  Paul’s answer was a typical Paul answer – “I don’t know you will have to ask my wife”. While chatting with MartinRead more