My baby is 14 weeks old – update

I’m shocked at how quickly time is flying, it’s sad and wonderful at the same time, it’s been a while since I posted an update on how we are getting on and there is a reason for that………. Harry has REFLUX and it sucks!! My poor boy is unhappy, in pain and I’m struggling toRead more

Things I will/won’t miss about being pregnant

I’m pretty sure I only want 2 children (don’t quote me on that as a Girl is allowed to change her mind don’t you know!), and I know that Paul only wants 2 children….however that could also change, however today I have been thinking about pregnancy and wondering what I will miss about being pregnant. Read more

32 weeks growth scan – pregnancy update

I can’t quite believe I’m 32 weeks pregnant already – I’m not sure where the last few weeks have gone, it’s really flying. I had been convinced I was bigger this time around until I wrote pregnancy in pictures where I compared Emmy’s bump to this bump and I actually was bigger with Emmy.  ThisRead more

Vertbaudet Maternity Wear Review

Buying Maternity clothes is a chore for me, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I will wear for less than 9 months.  Yes your technically pregnant for 9 months however you don’t actually start to show straight away – well some people do, I however managed to get to almostRead more

WaterBaby – Cranberry Bloom Review

Having reviewed the WaterBaby Original drink a while ago I have been very kindly sent the new Cranberry Bloom flavour drink to try out. Just to remind you incase you missed my first review – WaterBaby is a pregnancy care drink which contains the essential pregnancy vitamins every woman needs in a simple drink form.  ThisRead more

Pregnancy Meme

I’ve been tagged by Rachel over at Confessions of a SAHM to do the Being Pregnant Meme created by Trinket of Treasure.  Rachel is someone I’m yet to meet however chat with often and almost met when we went to the same holiday farm in Cornwall, staying in the same cottage with her leaving on the day I arrivedRead more

Pregnancy update – 18 weeks

Since my last update at 15 weeks I have seen a lovely VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) midwife, had a lovely chat, been through my medical notes for the first time ever and made a complete u-turn on my birth choice.  Not bad going for 3 weeks. When I saw my consultant at 15 weeks I was convincedRead more

Breast Tenderness and Changes during Pregnancy

As you all know by now I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and therefore will be writing about my pregnancy and also bring to you a few guest posts about Pregnancy and pregnancy related issues.  Here is one such guest post by HIPP Organic. Breast tenderness or tingly breasts is a normal in pregnancy andRead more

Longest 4 weeks ever – 12 week Scan pics

You would have seen my post announcing my latest pregnancy about 4 weeks ago now.  These for weeks have dragged so much. I’ve kept busy, really busy infact as Emmy has had Chicken Pox and has been refusing to sleep at night – bedtimes have become 9.30/10pm (not through want of me putting her to bed) she justRead more