Hot Sweet Potato & Tomato Soup Recipe

Just after Christmas I treated myself to a new soup maker. Our old one was so over used that the motor burnt out and it stopped working and it was just one item in the kitchen I couldn’t live without. Not only do I love soup but the children do too and it is theRead more

Super Hero lunchbox ideas for back to school

healthy lunch box ideas

Emmy went back to school yesterday and Harry is all set to return on Wednesday so the morning chaos will begin again shortly. Today went hitch free as being the first day back I’m in that super organised gang of getting everything ready the night before and laying out ready to grab – it also meansRead more

Cooking with kids: Schwartz easy leftover chicken curry

Cooking a nutritious meal really doesn’t have to take a long time, nor does it need a huge long list of ingredients to create a tasty meal for all of the family to enjoy.  Having two young children I used to find it was often tricky to find foods which we would all enjoy together asRead more

BBQ Chicken with Mexican Rice Tacos #CincoDeMayo with Old El Paso

Did you know that on the 5th May Cinco De Mayo is celebrated – now I had absolutely no idea what this actually was for or about so had to turn to my old friend Google. It is actually a celebration among Mexican communities in Mexico and North America marking the Mexican defeat of FrenchRead more

Layered Chocolate and Coconut Fudge Recipe

We love fudge here, it is easy to make and by adding different flavours during the cooking you can easily make new versions every time, a favourite of ours is our slow cooker Chocolate Orange fudge which makes great gifts for the teachers at Christmas/end of the school year. Last week we tried adding coconut andRead more

Italian Stuffed Chicken for #Expediaworldonaplate Challenge

Before the children were born Paul and I had some wonderful holidays abroad including trips to Australia, Florida, Egypt and Rome.  I loved most of them for different reasons, I wasn’t hugely taken with Florida but that’s because everything was geared up towards driving; such as drive thru banks, chemists, coffee shops and we were unableRead more

After School Heroes with Heinz: How to make a Veggie packed Shephard’s Pie

Now the weather is horrid and cold we are finding the walk to and from school rather wet and cold so after a full day at school for Emmy and 2 full days for Harry I like to ensure they have a proper hot meal for their dinner. Being a busy WAHM it is often difficult toRead more

Recipe: Turkey & Cranberry Picnic Pie

With all the meme’s and countdown to Christmas posts beginning to appear plague us already on Facebook and other social media channels it is usually around this time I begin hunting out a few bargains to put away so that the Christmas expense can be spread over a few months instead of just confined toRead more

Saucy Chocolate Pudding

The School holidays are now in full flow here and that means a lot of making, baking and creating goes on in our household.  We usually don’t have the time as we are rushing around with School runs so we have been taking full advantage already this week with lazy pyjama mornings and then whippingRead more

How to make Minion Sweetcorn Fritters

I find meal times especially lunches can be rather boring, we get stuck in a rut of having the same things during the week, cheese sandwiches, hot-dogs, soup – anything which is rather quick to make as we have limited time in between school runs and Harry’s nap. We were challenged to use Green GiantRead more