Holiday homework….left to the last minute again

I don’t know about you but homework during the holidays has kind of slipped my mind.  It wasn’t intentional but to me a Christmas break is just that, a time for families to spend that time together and not be concerned with working, homework or in our case routine too much. It’s now the final weekend beforeRead more

Review: Summer uniform from Ecooutfitters

Woo hoo we’re having a heatwave…..well that’s what we have been promised anyway, I personally will believe it when I see it.   That said we are now well into the Summer School term and Summer uniforms are being worn.   For Emmy that means a Blue and White checked Gingham dress with White ankleRead more

Once a Week, Take a Peek!

Emmy had her taster session in reception today, and while she was in her class having fun I was sat in a hall with all the other parents being informed of attendance levels, sickness policies, safe guarding measures and of course inevitably the talk turned to head lice.   It’s guaranteed that with 30 childrenRead more

By George it’s back to School

Today is our last day of the Summer holidays.    Tomorrow will be filled with mixed emotions as Emmy starts a new School and heads into Nursery for the first time.   Already she is saying “I don’t want to go” and I do except tears and a few tantrums.  Of course they won’t lastRead more

Labels, Labels & more labels – It’s that time of year again! – Review

It’s here! Love it or hate it the start of another school year is upon us. This means only one thing… uniform’s need to be labelled by next week!! I’m sure your school (well your child’s school) requires everything to be labelled, from socks to coats, bags to shoes. This will be Emmy’s 1st yearRead more

My big girl – her first full day at Pre-school

Emmy is now entitled to 5 free pre-school sessions – a whole 15 hours of pre-school and this makes me very sad and happy at the same time. Conflicting emotions have plagued me this week, I’ve been happy, sad, over whelmed and a little worried all at the same time. Now I know Emmy lovesRead more