Surviving the Summer holidays – So far at least

Park picnic, surviving the summer holidays

With the children off of school for another 2 weeks so far we are surviving the summer holidays and on a MASSIVE parenting WIN we haven’t had any ‘I’m bored’ moans yet.  I’m taking that as a huge win as they can come home from a fun filled day out usually and start complaining of having nothingRead more

Guest post from Chantelle: How to have an inexpensive summer holidays with kids

That’s it – my bags are packed, the sun cream is ready and the house and dog sitters are now here.  For us it is holiday time. It has become a tradition now that every holiday time I open up the blog to guest posts from other lovely bloggers and it is that time again. Read more

Planning our outdoor fun for the summer

Ever since Emmy grew her own caterpillars from eggs last year and watched them daily with amazement, growing and changing every day it has sparked her love of nature.  Just incase you missed our butterfly post you can find it here.         As a family we spend as much time as possibleRead more

Join spelbound as they take an exclusive look around Butlin’s newest waterpark

Holidays give both children and their parents a chance to relax from the toils of everyday life, and research shows for kids, the best kind of holiday is one in which they can simply spend time with their family and where everyone is happy and relaxed away from the everyday stresses. As we fondly remember fromRead more