Top Tips From a Former Nanny: Helping to cope with Chicken Pox

Top Tips Helping to deal with Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox is one of those common illnesses which most of us will get at some point in our lives (unless your child had had the Chicken Pox vaccination), and while most get this at a young age and while still at school there is no set age when Chicken Pox will strike. Emmy gotRead more

It’s about time to teach Independence

I’ve been a Mum for just over 8 years now and a Mum to two for 5 and a half years and it’s about high time that some of the things I, as a Mum, do for the children. Yes, it’s my job to make sure all of their needs are met but the kidsRead more

Top Tips for preventing headlice/dealing with headlice

Top tips for treatinf headlice

Having been a Nanny for 14 years it’s a given that over those years I have had to deal with those pesky bugs a few times, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and they can be found on all hair types, boys and girls, adults and children. We all dread being handed those lettersRead more

Top Tips from a Former Nanny: First Aid Essentials for every home

What to keep in a first aid kit

As many of you know prior to being a Mum, I was a Nanny for 14 years. It was a job which I loved and which I was happy to leave the house at 6.20am for and not return home until around 7.30pm most days. I would go in with a smile and leave withRead more

8 Top Tips for Interviewing a prospective Nanny

Regular readers of this blog will know that prior to having my own children I was a Nanny for 14 years, I always knew from a young age that I wanted to work with children – it was a calling or perhaps a passion. All of my school work experience placements were taken in schoolsRead more