Emmy want’s to leave home apparently!

As I’m told you on many occasions, Emmy hates the word NO. She thinks she should be allowed her own way all of the time. Obviously that isn’t going to happen. This is her reaction to being told it was bedtime last night…..Cheeky Monkey. I’m linking up with Actually Mummy’s Wot So Funee. 

My cheeky little madam

Emmy has really come out of herself this year.   I think it was starting Nursery last September which brought her out of her shell.     She is a chatter box at home, honestly she never ever stops…even in her sleep.  I’ve no idea where she gets it from *cough*   However outside away fromRead more

Project 365, photo round up week 2

That’s week 2 complete, 50 weeks to go…I will do this! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week: Day 5 Harry is a typical Nicholas boy. His Dad is one of 3 boy’s and they were always climbing, fighting and visiting A&E between them. Harry is definitely like his father.  The more you tellRead more