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Packing for a holiday can be pretty stressful sometimes, especially if you are going away with children.  It seems the smaller the child, the more things you need to pack.

Nappies and wipes alone take up a lot of space and that’s before you’ve added swim nappies and clothes and then the toys and other essentials.

Sometimes packing for a week’s holiday can look like you are travelling the world for 6 month’s if you were to pack everything you thought you needed.

Now if you travel in this country it isn’t so bad as there is usually a shop close by, but what if you travel abroad and you forget something?  You can buy an alternative while there however it wouldn’t be the exact brand you are used to. 

This is where a company such as Jowsa comes in.  You can order your babies essentials (and adults too), they will pack them up and send them directly to your holiday location in time for your arrival!  No more packing up Nappies and wipes which would take up valuable luggage space, instead you can send them directly to your holiday location and they will be waiting for you ready.

This also works very well if you have limited boot space in the car for a UK journey.  We were offered a trial of this service in time for our holiday to Butlins.

I logged onto the site and began choosing the items to sent directly to Bognor.
Now we don’t use Pampers nappies so I was unable to add Nappies to my basket (Harry reacts to this brand)

You have a various selection of items you are able to order including:

  • Nappies
  • Formula Milk
  • Baby Food
  • Suncare
  • Bathtime
  • Toiletries
  • & Medical items

I opted for some swim nappies, Calpol sachets (it’s guaranteed that one child will always be poorly on holiday), Anadin, tooth paste, shampoo and conditioner for me, deodorant’s for Paul and I and razor blades (well we were going swimming so a little me time was needed to shave those legs!).

Ordering is very easy, you add everything to your basket and then on check out you can add your holiday location address and your arrival date as well as the time you expect to arrive.

On the Friday before my holiday (I arrived on a Monday) I received an email to say my parcel had been delivered and would be in my room when I got there, and if not there were contact details of where it had been left – guest services).

This was on a shelf in my room when we arrived.  I was impressed! 

Inside everything was very securely wrapped and the shampoo and conditioner inside 2 ziplock bags to prevent leaks.


This service is great and we can highly recommend, it would be fantastic for those who don’t drive and take the train on holidays or for those who are flying (think of the extras you could pack instead – a few more bikini’s and outfits at least!)
We made a few suggestions of things we thought could be added to the site and it is nice to see that a few have been taken on board and included, and they are currently looking at ways to increase product selection.
What do you think of this service? Would you use it? If so is there anything you would like to see added at all?
For more information or to place your own order please visit www.jowsa.com or you can follow on Facebook and Twitter


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One thought on “Take the stress out by travelling light – Jowsa #Review

  1. Genius idea! Hate risking sticking toiletries in my squished up clothes bags amongst the kids pushchairs/travel cot my bag always ends up with at least a minor leak lol

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