Tales of a Bed Hopping Mum

So once again it’s gone Midnight and I’m creeping around trying not to get caught out.
I’ve mentally marked every creaking stair and floorboard in a map in my head, stealth is the key here.
Slowly and quietly, trying not to breathe as even that small noise will alert to the deception going on.
This really must stop.
I thought I’d put this all past me in my teens.
Rebelling and sneaking around.
The shoes are off again, far too cumbersome.  They will hear me soon.
Tiptoe quietly.
Loo stop, don’t dare to flush.
Shhhhh they can hear.
Thank goodness I bathed earlier with the kids, a shower in the morning will do. Don’t dare to turn on the taps for too long.

Brush my teeth and shred my clothes.
Root around in the dark for my PJ’s,  they are here somewhere thrown in that mad frenzied rush.
Almost there.
Feeling my way in the dark.
I’ll make it tonight.
I won’t get caught.
I’ve done it.
I’m in.
No-one heard me.
No-one saw.
Finally, it’s been a long time coming but I’m in.
All is quiet.
It’s been such a long day and night but I’ve made it.
“Mum, I can’t sleep without cuddles”
And so it begins again!!

20 thoughts on “Tales of a Bed Hopping Mum

  1. Yes, I can relate to this too. I hate waking up early in the morning needing the loo and knowing that if I dare go then the kids will wake and I'll have to get up with them.

  2. Ooh yes. My oldest in particular is so bad about waking up with the slightest noise – he's often wandering into our room at night and it's hard to get to sleep after he's woken us up! I'm constantly creeping about!!

  3. I know this feeling so well, I never get away with sneaking. Then I am usually having the sleep the rest of the night in such an uncomfortable position 🙂

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