Teaching independence for school – Teaching children to wipe their bottoms

Emmy started BIG school last week (OK, she is now currently off sick sadly but that’s a different story) and one thing I needed to ensure was that she was independent in the toilet.
At home she is lazy, she won’t go to the toilet alone.  I have to go with her and 9 times out of 10 she asks for me to wipe her bum.
This obviously worries me. 
When she went to Nursery she wouldn’t go to the toilet until she got home, luckily she only did half days however this did mean she had a few accidents both at school and on the way home. 
Things need to change now, she will have to go to the toilet at school and she will HAVE to wipe her own bum.  I can’t help but worry so I have with the help of Andrex been teaching her bathroom hygiene and how to wipe and clean properly.
New research from Andrex reveals that:
  • 63% of parents don’t think their little ones are fully ready to clean themselves properly after the toilet, without parental supervision before they go to school for the first time
  • 40% admitting to still wiping their children’s bottoms well past their first year at primary school; sometimes up to the age of 7.
This is why Andrex commissioned the Andrex Clean Report – to take a closer look into the cleaning habits of the nation and how being clean in our intimate areas can have positive physical and emotional benefits.
Interestingly the result revealed that 34% of parents rate teaching their children how to be clean after going to the toilet as the most difficult parenting task, beating teaching them to brush their teeth (15%) and blowing their noses (3%).
We were sent a clean kit which included a weeks supply of toilet roll, moist toilet tissues, fragranced soap, a sticker chart and a clean guide.  The children also received a cute Andrex puppy and puppy slippers too to help with our challenge.

Emmy was quite intrigued by the sticker chart and was keen to get cracking straight away – we read through the 5 steps with her and took it from their.  The steps are:
  1. Use a good quality toilet paper and use 3-4 sheets per wipe until the paper is clean
  2. Only wipe from front to back
  3. Use 1-2 sheets of moist toilet tissue
  4. Finish by patting dry with toilet paper
  5. Always wash your hands with soap and dry thoroughly  
It took a few times of repeating these steps to her before she actually remembered although it did help that the steps are shown in picture form on her sticker chart.  After 2 days she stopped asking us to help her infact she stopped asking me to go to the toilet with her! 
She would let come out after finishing and tell us the steps she had completed.
I must admit we have been lax on step 4 as it’s not something we have made her do before but the fact she is now going to the toilet happily herself, wiping her own bum and also washing her hands unprompted makes me proud and no longer worried how she will cope in the bathrooms at school and it have helped to teach her the importance of a good hygiene routine.
She is now able to be set loose on the school and I am a happy Mummy knowing she has learnt a little independence and can cope with another life skill, not I need to teach her some saving water tips such as turning off the tab again and we are all set!

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