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Back in July I was treated to a day out in London by Tefal as part of my role as a Innovation panellist.  It was here we were introduced to the new Ingenio pans and I started lusting after cookware.

Ingenio cookware really is genius.

Basically they are the great pans and frying pans you have come to expect from the Tefal brand however with a difference.

The handles have been removed – don’t worry you wont burn your selves – they are meant to be removed, they are removable.  Push the two buttons on the side and the handle comes off, and to replace you place over the rim of the pan and push the button underneath and it clicks into place.

What is the purpose of this?
Well there are loads of advantages to having removable handles:

  • No handles for children to grab off the stove
  • Easy to stack away in the cupboard
  • Easier to put into the dishwasher

What else is exciting about these pans?

  • Because the handles can be removed you can put these pans into the oven, so the saucepans can be used as cake tins
  • You can also use these as serving dishes too, so you can use straight from the hob or oven to the table top

Tefal Ingenio, Tefal Innovation Panel, Review, www.emmysmummy.com

Additional extras?

  • You are able to buy all the different sized pans and frying pans separately
  • You can buy the handles separately
  • Also available are: Glass lids which fold down and are stackable, Plastic lids which can be used on all the pans – great for storing left overs in the fridge
  • Another item I loved was the colander – this is made to fit inside the pan and you cook the food directly in it, then once cooked you can attach the handle to this and the water drains straight into the pan. No need to pour from one pot to another.

I love these pans and although was given a basic pan set at the event (2 frying pans, a small saucepan and a handle), I will be adding to my collection soon as I need larger pans as the pan included is too small for our family, the colander and the lids.

Tefal Ingenio, Tefal Innovation Panel, Review, www.emmysmummy.com

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