Teksta Micropets playset review

You will have all seen the large versions of the Teksta pets, robotic pets which respond to your voice and touch.  They come in a large version and then later on a mini version.

Now they have gotten even smaller and possibly even cuter.

The new Micropets playsets come in 4 choices of animal: Dino, Kitty, Puppy and Raccoon.  Each playset comes with a mircopet and exercise track for the pet to play on and with.

We were sent the Raccoon.

The playset which comes with the Raccoon is a bridge with a seesaw and a ball.  There is also an exercise wheel for your Raccoon.

The pieces of the track all connect together by clicking them into place, and each animal playset can be combined with other sets when purchased separately.

You can follow the instructions in the box to set up the track or of course combine a few sets and make your own designs.


Emmy has called her new pet Cheeky and he certainly lives up to his name.  Turn him on and he chatters and zooms around the room, you can make sure he only goes forward by pressing on the button on his head.

When he stops you can call him forward towards you by clapping your hands or calling him, he responds to your voice or sounds.  Stroke him and he also responds to you, the pets eyes also light up as he runs around.

Both Emmy and Harry find there new pet hilarious, the strange noises he makes and the way they are able to call him forward towards them, he is a lovely and rather cute addition to the family and of course rather welcomed by me as you don’t have to clean up after him!

Teksta micropets playset review

I’ve so far avoided showing Emmy the other sets available as once she sees how they all connect together she will want to collect them all!  Not that I could blame her, they are very sweet.

These cute and loveable playsets are available from www.character-online.comand are priced at £19.99 each.

For further information and for your chance to win a prize please do take a look at the website: www.tekstamicropets.co.uk

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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