Tell me, Mummy…..Do Ducks have ears?

Do ducks have ears
Now my lovely friend Liz who blogs over at The Hart of the Munchkin Patch has just started a new and flipping awesome linkie called “Tell me, Mummy..?”
It’s for all those burning questions which our little ones ask about a billion times a day.  Its for you to share with others how you answer those burning questions.
Now, this is perfect for us as Emmy is constantly asking questions all day, every day!
This weeks burning question from Emmy is:
Do Ducks have ears?
Photo credit: Flickr: michalogiorgakis
Now I thought the answer to this was NO – I mean can you see any?
However I wasn’t 100% sure, so I had to look up the official answer.
It would appear I was wrong! (Yes I said that aloud wrote that down)
According to Dr David Bird, professor of wildlife biology and director of the Avian Science and Conservation Centre of McGill University in Montreal, ducks, like all vertebrates, do indeed have ears, although they don’t look much like the human version.
“The avian ear is missing those fleshy flaps, called pinnae, that stick out on either side of the head. Instead, ducks have smallish holes just behind their eyes that are covered by small, stiff feathers.
These feathers help to minimise turbulence during flight, protect the ear opening, and may even enhance sound collection by forming a funnel that directs sounds & although structurally simple, duck’s ears are also remarkably sensitive.” David Bird
This answer was sourced from Quora.
I think I am going to enjoy this new linkie as it will force me to look up the answers to Emmy’s questions instead of *ahem* making up answers.
If you would like to join in then click the button below to see what Question’s are being asked this week.


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6 thoughts on “Tell me, Mummy…..Do Ducks have ears?

  1. What a brilliant question! I must admit, I would have been consulting Google on that one too! Thank you for linking up with 'Tell me, mummy …?" !

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