The beginning of our DryNites® journey

DrtNites combatting bedwetting
Last year we had the pleasure of working alongside Huggies while potty training Harry, we have now successfully past that hurdle although it did take a little longer than we had planned and Harry is now dry during the day time, which of course was great timing as he started Nursery in April and he couldn’t have taken his place unless dry.
Being dry during the day is one step however another huge part of this hurdle now needs crossing and that is the night time.  I now have teamed up with Huggies once again only this time working as a DryNites® ambassador in the beginning process of our night time journey.
I know this part of our journey will take a little longer than the potty training did as I was a Nanny previously and all the boys I have cared for took longer in the whole process from start to finish.  We have yet to try Harry at night without protection on and I think it will be a while before we actually do but have now moved him to wearing DryNites® as they are designed for older children with bigger bladders so will hold more wee than other night-time pull-ups or nappies.

DryNites Pyjama pants, spiderman design, Huggies
Meet Bedtime Bear – Harry never sleeps without him

DryNites® are pyjama pants which offer discreet protection for children and help them to feel grown-up.  Featuring Disney© and Marvel graphics on both the front and back helps to take the focus away from them being absorbent for the child and to make them look and feel more like regular underwear, they have super stretchy sides which make them easy to put on and to take off again.
Once you have potty trained your child it is important not to take a backwards step again, so by using pyjama pants your child will feel like they are wearing pants which is the first step in moving forward in the night time process.  I am not expecting this to be a quick process and 1 in 4 children aged 4 wet the bed.  Bedwetting is a perfectly normal part of growing up and affects more than 900,000 children and young people in the UK alone.
If you are about to go on this journey with your child or are on it currently please do follow our YouTube channel as I will be vlogging our progress and offering some tips and advice as we go along (bare with me though as I am very new to vlogging and am not the most comfortable infront of a camera – I’ll let you know on the blog when those vlogs go live so you can watch).
You’ll also find some very helpful advice and more information about ConfidentNites® and advice on bedwetting from DryNites® over on  You can also order your free sample
Disclaimer: I am working alongside Huggies DryNites® as an ambassador

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