The benefits of dehumidifiers in the home

Dehumidifiers provide several proven health benefits as well as making homes smell and feel fresher. Here are five main benefits of using dehumidifiers in the home.

Cleaner air

Dehumidifiers filter the air in your home and also reduce humidity levels. Because most of the airborne particles in the air are trapped by the dehumidifier, they are prevented from being inhaled by you and your family.

Additionally, because humidity levels are reduced your house will have fewer damp areas in which mould can flourish. Mould loves a humid environment and, once established, releases spores into the air that can cause health issues and aggravate allergies. Dehumidifiers prevent mould from developing and therefore result in cleaner air.


Many people suffer from mild allergies without even knowing it. Others have severe reactions to mould spores or dust mites. Dehumidifiers reduce the levels of mould in the home and, by reducing humidity levels, they also prevent dust mites from growing and developing. If you suffer from itchy eyes and find yourself sneezing a lot, you may well find that using a dehumidifier helps to reduce, or even eliminate, those symptoms.

Benefit from reduced humidity

High levels of humidity (moisture in the air) can cause skin irritations. It can also cause the nasal passage to become blocked leading to breathing problems and frequent colds. If your home is too humid during periods of warm weather you may well experience ‘prickly heat’, which is caused by perspiration not being able to evaporate from the skin surface due to moisture in the air. The cleaner, fresher air provided by a dehumidifier prevents such irritations.

Feel more comfortable

Dehumidifiers provide a cleaner and fresher atmosphere in the home by reducing the temperature and stuffiness. Better quality air makes the home a much more pleasant place to be. A dehumidifier also quickly rids the home of any bad smells.

Improve your family’s respiratory health

Excessive moisture, and the presence of particles in the air, will exacerbate asthma and can even be the root cause of the condition. Reducing moisture levels and filtering out airborne particles will make breathing much easier for asthma sufferers and may eliminate it altogether. A whole host of respiratory conditions are caused, or made worse, by poor quality air and by using a dehumidifier you can prevent them from developing in the first place and reduce the symptoms of sufferers.

Many people don’t even realise that there home is suffering from poor quality air until they try a dehumidifier. As well as the health benefits of reducing moisture and particle levels in the air, dehumidifiers also make a home more pleasant and improve general well-being for the whole family.

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  1. Great list of benefits and I agree with you. Dehumidifiers offer great value, especially for people with allergies.

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