The Best Kid Proof Materials to Use in Your Home

Let’s face it, as much as we love them, they do tend to wreck stuff. Even if you feel your child is a little angel quietly playing in the corner there will be a day when he or she ends up drawing happily on the wall or as a teenager leave food stains all over the kitchen worktop. So, while we can tell them off and teach them that drawing on the carpet is not a good idea we still end up with a home that looks like it is steadily falling into disrepair. But fear not, there are some really tough materials out there that are all but kid proof and, in most cases, allow you to simply wash away the offending problem.

Work Surfaces

The kitchen is still the heart of the home and especially when it comes to kids. Quite often a kitchen surface is not just somewhere to prepare food but do school projects, slime making, homework and much more. So, the surface we choose as parents need to be tough and kid proof!

There are a lot of surface choices out there, but Corian is becoming a very popular choice. It is very durable and that is a big deal for families. It can take a lot of weight, it can also handle day to day dings and nicks without chipping and looking awful. On top of that, it is also non-porous, so it doesn’t stain and it is not affected by very high or very low temperatures. Another big plus is that it can be fabricated into any shape and design you need. Most kitchen companies offer Corian but you can always go for a UK Fabricator like Unique Fabrications and get them to make what you need.  

Carpets and Flooring

Spills, mud, toy cars and a myriad of other things kid related can all take their toll on flooring and carpets. So, you need something that can take the pace without looking awful within a year. Wooden flooring is becoming very popular, but it can be susceptible to damage. If you really want real wood then Engineered wood flooring is best, it is pretty tough and can be repaired and sanded. However, if you really want something tough that looks good Kardean flooring is a very kid proof option. It looks like real flooring but can really handle everything you or your kids throw at it. It’s easy to clean, doesn’t stain and makes for a great surface for hot wheels!

When it comes to carpet stains are a big risk. No matter how much you teach the kids to be careful they will drop something, or their friends will. When they become teenagers, the risk moves towards other issues involving parties and the like. The key is to opt for stain-resistant carpeting but also carpet that is resistant to cleaning products. While it may say stain resistant you need to be able to give it a really good scrub because the things kids get on carpets is not always stain related but really does need to be cleaned properly. Look for carpets that are bleach proof and can be cleaned with some heavy duty stuff.

Wall Paint

While there is no way to make a wall impossible to draw on kids can have a lot of other effects on walls. The hallway is a great example; it gets a hammering from scuffs and scrapes. Bikes being brought through, bags and jackets rubbing against the walls, shoes, even opening the door to fast and whacking into the wall. But the same could be said for bedroom walls and kitchens too. Thankfully you can get some seriously tough paint that can cope with all but the most serious impact and that is also easy to clean. Dulux offers a rather interesting paint that is not only supposed to be 20 times tougher than normal paint but it also actively repels liquids. This means a drink sloshed against it will run off, but it also means you can actually get a wet sponge and clean the wall properly without wiping paint off.  

Sadly, there is no way to prevent all the types of damage your wonderful kids are likely to do to your house but these options really can help. The key is to have something tough enough to deal with it but to also educate them not to do it at the same time. While these choices are tough, nothing can withstand the full force of a child who simply thinks it’s OK to trash everything!

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