The Best Technology to Improve Elderly People’s Lives


It’s a bit of a stereotype to say that elderly people aren’t great at using technology, and it’s a fact that more and more older people are getting to grips with technology to help improve their lives. So what tech can those of a certain age use to make things a little easier for themselves? Take a look…



BeClose is an ingenious little piece of kit that allows you to essentially always keep an eye on what an elderly family member is up to and make sure they’re alright. The system tracks the daily routine of the person through discreet wireless sensors around the home and can therefore alert you if there’s a significant disruption in that routine. It will then alert you by text, email, or phone to let you know you should check on them. You can find out more about BeClose here.



Telekin is an easy-to-use computer that takes the hassle out of having to set up complicated laptops but still has much of functionality such as video chat, photo sharing, email and other features. You can also get touchscreen versions which are even easier to use. These would be perfect for home use and also great for installing retirement homes such as Extra Care or other similar places.


For those a little hard of hearing and who need hearing aids, then ReSound could be a worthwhile investment. It works on Apple’s MFi platform using Bluetooth and come with a smartphone app that allows you to fully personalise how they work depending on different situations. It even remembers your settings so can automatically higher and lower the volume depending on surrounding noise levels. Find out more about them here.


Wireless pill bottle

Startup company AdhereTech have developed a wireless pill bottle that’s perfect for those who have a little trouble remembering things in their older age. The pill bottle alerts patients, either through a phone call or text message, when they need to take their medication and also keeps track of dosage and how much has been used already.

Liftware cutlery

Liftware cutlery, developed by Lift Labs, was designed to make meal times easier for people who have Parkinson’s disease or other conditions that cause their hands to shake. The cutlery has in-built sensors to detect hand tremors and steadies the knife, fork or spoon so that spillages are kept to a minimum. They have also developed a key holder, making it much easier to lock and unlock the front door.



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