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Ironing to me means the most boring way to spend an afternoon or evening and quite frankly I would rather watch paint dry!
I’ve a self professed loathing of ironing which results in me sending what few bits I need doing to the local ironing shop.   I’ve been laughed at for doing that but I hate it that much.
It wasn’t always the case, when I first moved in with Paul I duly ironed because I was 25 and playing house for the first time.  Well the novelty soon wore off!
So, if I hate ironing so much why am I writing about it?  I’ll start from the beginning.
It started with an email from Mumsnet saying Tefal were searching for 12-15 bloggers to join an exclusive Innovation Panel.  Reading through the email it sounded fun and exciting so I applied, crossed my fingers and waited.

Upon return from Butlins I received an email saying I had been chosen *cue happy dance*
I was supposed to go to Windsor to meet the team and see some of the products in use however as you know Emmy and Harry have been poorly so I couldn’t go.  This was very sad however it’s in the job description of Mum.
I’ve been assured the day was wonderful. I will be doing a Google hangout next week instead with the Tefal team to see the products in action and to learn more about Fresh Week!  I will have more on that coming very soon.
Imagine my surprise when the day after the event a delivery arrived contain a Tefal Actifry and a Pro Express Iron (gifts from Tefal).
Both were eagerly unboxed and played with which brings me back to ironing……I hate and loathe to say it even but…..I’ve a new found love of ironing.
I honestly never ever thought that would happen but I’m now actively seeking for things to iron.  The right tools do make the world of difference.
Tefal Innovation Panel

This is like having a top of the range car, it’s easy to manoveer, quiet and handles well – I never thought I would choose to iron however I keep running around the house trying to find more things to iron.
Thanks Tefal for having me on the panel! 

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