The BFG Movie Review – A red carpet experience


Hitting your cinemas from the 22nd of July will be the 2016 adaptation of The BFG movie and boy are you in for a epic treat!  Having grown up reading all of the Roald Dahl books and of course watching the original version of this movie I was overjoyed to have been invited along to the UK Premiere today in Leicester Square.
The BFG story was first published in 1982 and has been enchanting readers of all ages ever since, I clearly remember reading it in primary school and along with all of the Roald Dahl collection, these were books I would happily revisit over and over again, ones which you never tire of and ones which engage the reader fully.  On each revisit I would discover a part of the story I had missed the previous time, or at least my imagination would envisage the story unfolding in front of me in a slightly different way than before.  That is the beauty of the written word – you let your imagination draw up the characters and everyone has a slightly different image in their heads of how the story should come to life.
When one of my favourite books are made into movies I am always a little wary as sometimes I just prefer the books but with three-time Academy Award® winner Steven Spielberg directing this new movie hasn’t disappointed one bit.
I found myself glued from the off, noticing the differences between the book and the film but glued happily in anticipation of how it would next unfold onto the screen. The BFG tells the extraordinary tale of a young orphaned girl named Sophie (played by British newcomer Ruby Barnhill) and the Big Friendly Giant (played by Oscar Winner Mark Rylance) who upon snatching Sophie from her bed introduces her to the wonders and perils which can be found in Giant Country.
Sophie reading in bed at the orphanage #TheBFG
Sophie in her bed in the orphanage – upon hearing a noise outside and going to investigate
The real magic for me was seeing Giant Country and the BFG’s home adapted for the movie, brought to life in all its glory and with a lot of extra Hollywood magic thrown in for good measure.  You will find all of the original story features such as the Dream Jars, Frobscottle and Snozzcumbers but they will be so much more than you imagined – brighter, slimier and prettier, while the giants are a lot more uglier and scary than I imagined them to be.
I took Emmy with me to see this movie, she is 6 and a half – we have read the book together and seen the animated film version a few times.  I pre-warned her that parts of it maybe a little scary but together we talked about the book and what happens to Sophie and the giants so she could remember that even when the giants try to eat find and eat Sophie they don’t succeed and Sophie remains safe with the protection of the BFG.
Sophie and the BFG in giant country #TheBFG
Towards the beginning of this movie when Sophie is in the BFG’s home and finds out he isn’t a bone crunching giant but indeed friendly he reads to her from her story book and she falls asleep, while asleep he collects a bad dream for her which shows the other giants trying to eat her.  This is to help keep her safe and stop her running away into the scary and dangerous giant country.  Emmy found this rather disturbing and clutched my hand tightly, I knew it was a dream Sophie was having but she couldn’t work that out so it maybe a good idea to know in advance and pre-warn any children who may find these scenes frightening.
Other scenes with the giants in are amusing rather than scary especially when one of them uses cars as roller skates and has a head on collision with the BFG in the nether regions.
With this mismatched pair forming an unlikely friendship Sophie helps the BFG to become brave and in turn he helps her to find the family she has always wanted.
We had an amazing time today and can highly recommend this as a must see movie this summer, although I would advise taking children over the age of 6/7 due to a few scary scenes.
Emmy on the red carpet of #TheBFG movie premiere

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21 thoughts on “The BFG Movie Review – A red carpet experience

  1. This was one of my most favourite books, ever. The premiere looks like it was very exciting and it sounds like a good movie. I can't wait to take Z!

  2. What an experience! Wow! I love Roald Dahl here and can't wait to read some of his books to Olly in the very near future. My favourite is the Twits. Loving your pics, you both looked ace x

  3. I can't wait to see this! How amazing you got to go to the premier and take your little girl with you. I loved this book when I was little and can't wait to see it on the screen xx #TriedTested

  4. I'm really looking forward to the BFG on the big screen, I really enjoyed the books and reading them to my kids, although I admit the story can be a little scary at times. Maybe a little preparation is needed just in case.

  5. What a wonderful review of the film. I have been waiting in anticipation for this film to come out. I was always worried that it might not live up to the book or to the old movie which I enjoyed watching as a child. I was hoping to take my daughter but you say that you recommend it for older children, so I may have to wait until it's on dvd so I can watch it when she's in bed one evening!

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