The changing of my finances and growing up

Pre-children I used to earn a decent amount as a Nanny, while living at home with my parents it was a disposable income as I only had a few bills to pay: Car Tax, Insurance, Petrol and a little house keeping to my Mum.  I would think nothing of going out to the shops and buying a new handbag each time I was heading out, a new pair of shoes and of course the necessary new outfit each time.
Then I moved into this house with Paul and we had proper grown-up bills to pay: Mortgage, Gas, Electricity, Water, TV licence and all the other essentials and I just had to cut back on that spending but not a great amount if I am honest.  We still have the money for nice things, could go out for a nice meal a few times a month and I could pop into town and treat myself if I wanted to.  Often when shopping we would pass a Jewellers and Paul would treat me to a nice necklace or a pair of earrings.
Then the children came along and I stopped working as a Nanny and was a Stay at Home Mum for a time before turning blogging into my business and earning an income from it – nowadays my income is back on a par with what it was when I was working as a Nanny but being self-employed it’s not always guaranteed and lets face it my priorities are a lot different now from my childless days.  Most of my extra money goes on the kids – we have nice days out and can have a holiday too.  I do like spending my money on the children so whereas before I would have thought nothing of blowing £100 on a new outfit for one night out, that has definitely stopped as I very rarely go out and I would much rather spent that £100 on a family day out which we can all enjoy.
I guess that is all part of growing up, and at 36 I am certainly an adult now with lots of responsibilities.

That said, I still do like to put a little away each month so I can treat myself on things I really need.  I would love a nice watch and a Pandora Bracelet which I can handpick the charms for.  I am saving for the bracelet and then can add the charms to my birthday and Christmas lists yearly.  I did have my eye on a lovely Gucci watch but almost fell over at the price, I certainly couldn’t justify spending that amount, so I will be looking at second hand watches with interest and reducing the cost as much as I can.
I am also stalking Ebay for my Pandora bracelet and charms, I have no objection at all to buying secondhand items – after all once worn for a few weeks they all show signs of wear and tear and the money saved can go on a day out for the kids.  It’s amazing how priorities change as you get older but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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