The Circus is coming to town – This month in Harpenden & Chingford


The Billy Smart’s Circus UK tour is brimming with a dazzling combination of acrobatics, comedy, music, juggling, and aerial feats brought to you by our amazing international artistes. There are no animals and quality and innovation are at the top of the agenda for this sensational company of performers. 
This year’s show is hosted by YASMINE SMART, granddaughter of the founder! 

Billy Smart’s Circus will be at Harpenden Common from  Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd June and Chingford Plain from Tuesday 24th to Sunday 29th June. 


Artistes include: 
The FLYING ACES, five exciting youngsters on the flying trapeze swing and somersault their way through the air 
The X-TREME BROTHERS, a trio of handsome and talented acrobats from Romania utilise immense strength and power to achieve amazing feats of balance
ALINA ESKINA brings her beautifully choreographed unique ‘cube’ routine
GERMAINE DELBOSQ from France shows off her foot-juggling skills with a modern slant on the back of a motorbike!
The ASADULLIN TROUPE from Russia use a specially constructed seesaw to propel one another high into the air
CAROLINE, a high-flying solo trapeze star, swings, plunges and twists with elegance high above the circus ring
Italian clown JONNY BOGINO brings his whimsical comedy style to UK audiences for the first time
INDIAN SPIRIT, liven up the proceedings as a bolas is whirled to the rhythm and beat of the drums
A LIVE BAND, the only one in a British touring Circus, complements the action


I’m sharing the information about the shows locally to me which are this month:
The Common – St Albans Rd, AL5 1DT
Wednesday 18th June: 4.45pm & 7.30pm
Thursday 19th June: 4.45pm & 7.30pm
Friday 20th June: 4.45pm & 7.30pm
Saturday 21st June: 2pm, 4.45pm & 7.30pm
Sunday 22nd June: 12.30pm & 3.30pm
Chingford Plain:
Tuesday 24th June: 7.30pm
Wednesday 25th June: 4.45pm & 7.30pm
Thursday 26th June:4.45pm & 7.30pm
Friday 27th June: 4.45pm & 7.30pm
Saturday 28th June: 2pm, 4.45pm & 7.30pm
Sunday 29th June: 12.30pm & 3.30pm


We have review tickets to see the Chingford show and can’t wait – the children will be so excited as am I!
For more information please visit the website or follow on Facebook


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