The days arrived and I’m trying to hold it together

Tomorrow morning at first light we will be London bound with Harry for his operation.

You’ll have read about his accident this summer which resulted in his teeth injury and permanent damage to his top baby teeth.

We were referred to a local sedation clinic but would have to wait until April and with him in pain we weren’t prepared to wait. Thankfully a successful visit to St Thomas’ saw a change of procedure needed and instead of sedation he was referred for a general anesthetic operation.

Dental operation for kids

Tomorrow is the day.

He will be ‘under’ for around and hour as he’ll be having 2-4 teeth removed another full mouth xray and 2 crowns all at the same time.

I know it’s a simple operation but neither of my children have been into hospital for an operation before.

I am absolutely dreading him ‘going under’, watching him go to sleep.

It’s terrifying me.

So much so that I’ve not slept for the past 2 nights for worrying.

I can’t help it.

I know he will be fine


I don’t want to leave him.

It’s a parents job to protect their children and I hate the fact I won’t be in theatre with him.

I will be camped outside the doors and will not move.

A deep fear comes from a few years ago when my Dad went down for a procedure, Mum and I then went to the cafe for breakfast and came back to an empty bed. Dad’s belongings gone and no one telling us what was ongoing on except they were getting a senior to come to talk to us.

Things had gone wrong for Dad and he’d ended up in intensive care.  Thank God he was OK in the end but it was terrifying  at the time.

Next time he has the same procedure  (which will be soon) Mum and I are camping by his bed and won’t find the cafe.

The hour-ish tomorrow morning when Harry is without me will be the longest of my life.

I am shaking with worry and can’t control my emotions currently.

Please fast forward to the afternoon when he’ll be home safely and the recovery process starts.

I’ve treats ready and we kept back a birthday present for him to have when he gets home to cheer him up.

There are yogurts and ice cream in the freezer and a bottle of wine in the fridge for me…as I think I’ll have deserved it by then.


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11 thoughts on “The days arrived and I’m trying to hold it together

  1. I remember reading about his accident, can’t believe the day has finally come. Hope it all goes smoothly, try not to show Harry that you’re stressing and he will be a lot calmer. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow xx

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