The funny things kids do and say

Picture the scene…
It’s bedtime last night and Emmy and Harry have both had their baths.
Both are tired
Over tired
Crying and quite frankly miserable. That’s early starts for you!
I grab their PJ’s, their milk and as a treat for them and as a break for me we head to my room to watch In The Night Garden.
Wrestling them into their PJ’s while stopping Emmy bouncing on my bed,  finally they settle down to watch the DVD.
Harry then decides to keep launching himself off the side of the bed.
Emmy: “Harry don’t do that you will hit your bloody head”
Me: ” Emmy, you can’t say that. It’s not a nice word and we don’t use it. OK?”
Emmy: “But Mummy, you did”
Me: “No I didn’t darling”
Emmy: “You did Mummy”
Me: “When did I use that word?” (Puzzled that she has heard it somewhere)
Emmy: “You said Harry fell over and hit his bloody nose”
*cue laughter*
Me: “Emmy darling,  I said Harry fell over and had a bleeding nose. He had a nosebleed!”
Do your children come out with some howlers?
I’m linking this post up to Actually Mummy’s “Wot So Funee” which is this week hosted by the lovely Emily of A Mummy Too.
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Wot So Funee?

16 thoughts on “The funny things kids do and say

  1. LOL Gracie is always saying silly things she could be a comedian. She also copies everything you say Andy winds her up saying stop getting your boobs out if she lifts her top off. She spent two weeks shouting 'get your boobs out mummy' everywhere we went. Andy is no longer allowed to say boob in front of her lol

  2. I knew it! I said ages ago Emmy would be a contender for Wot So Funee?! Fab that she's reached that age now 🙂 Thanks for joining in.
    PS, are you absolutely sure you didn't say that word…? 😉

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