The Good and Bad in everything

Recently I have been chatting with family members who all have differing medical conditions and our talk turned to the NHS and whether we all thought it was good or bad from a personal point of view.

Now for me at the age of 33 I have to say that from my own experience I would have to say it was good.

I have not had a bad experience so can’t say otherwise.  I have been treated many times for different conditions, illnesses and ailments from sprains, mystery stomach pains when younger which had me hospitalised, a 2nd degree burn to my face when pregnant with Emmy however the main reason I used the NHS for in the past 5 years was for my recurrent miscarriages.

After 3 miscarriages I was referred to see a consultant and underwent multiple tests from blood tests, Chromosome testing on both myself and on Paul, internal examinations and many scans amongst other tests to numerous to name.  After all the results came back normal we  were still left answerless and with questions which needed answering.  Our consultant was amazing, he sat and listened to my fears, held my hand while I cried and tried to reassure us that it didn’t mean we couldn’t have our rainbow baby.

He had done all that he could do for us at our local hospital but wasn’t prepared to write us off as another statistic – 5% of women who suffer recurrent miscarriages do so for no reason with all testing coming back clear/normal.  Well I can tell you after loosing 3 babies you certainly don’t feel normal, you feel far from it, like normal is a thing of the past and you’re unsure just how to move past it.

Our wonderful consultant offered us a referral to see the top miscarriage consultant in a top London hospital – I had researched this hospital and this consultant completely prepared to fight my corner as to why I NEEDED to see her, however it wasn’t necessary – he offered us a referral instantly and unprompted.  He really wanted to help. I saw a survey that shows a lot of people think that doctors don’t listen and I’m thankful that mine did.

It turns out we didn’t actually get  that far as I fell pregnant with Emmy before my appointment came through, I then couldn’t see this new consultant so my old one took me back under his wing.  I called his secretary the day I found out I was pregnant, his secretary was actually the 2nd person to know I was pregnant.  He called me back the same day, put me on 75mg Asprin daily and scanned me fortnightly from 5 weeks and was only a call away should I need to speak with him.

That pregnancy ended at 42+4 weeks with a 8lbs 13oz Emmy, my consultant came to see me and Emmy while we were in hospital for the 2 days after my emergency C-section.

All NHS treatment!  I have received amazing treatment from the NHS.

Other family members have had mixed treatment – My uncle has had 14 heart attacks and survived each and every one!  Amazing I have to say, he is blind due to diabetes, his kidneys have failed, his liver shot and he has numerous other conditions however he is still here so they are doing something right aren’t they?

However he has also contracted MRSA numerous times while in hospital too, infact so has my dad and many others I know.

My Dad has recently had a bad experience during a minor procedure – he has a heart condition and has Stents through his arteries to his heart to stop the blockages occurring, during a procedure recently to see if his Stents were clear the surgeon nicked an artery causing lots of blood loss, this simple day procedure resulted in Dad whizzed through to the ICU and spending the night on the ward following a major bleed.

Mum and I had gone to Breakfast while Dad had his procedure, we returned to an empty bed, his things all gone and no-one around to tell us where he was or what had happened.  It was a heart in your mouth 10/15 minutes before we heard he was ok and what had happened and understandably it has scarred Dad.  He has undergone counselling and is now scared of the procedure understandably – He has combatted this fear to have the procedure redone again this year and we found out his Stents have closed and he needs another major operation.  He is currently waiting for this appointment to come through from the London Heart Hospital.  Having said it shouldn’t be a long wait it has already been over 4 months and still we are waiting.

So I guess the NHS really is a personal thing, your opinion of it is usually based upon your experience of it.

Have you had a good or bad experience?



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