The holiday which conquered a fear of heights

You will all know by know I am Skydiving in August to raise money for the Lullaby Trust in Memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae, if you haven’t already sponsored me and would like to and enter my fundraising competition you can do so here.  (I’ve over £800 worth of prizes for you!).  What you probably don’t know though is that I used to be scared of heights!
Being only 5ft 2″ hinders me sometimes, to reach the shelves in most places I need a step or a stool,  no amount of reaching on tiptoes will work – I still try now but fail.
Now when Paul and I first got together I was scared of heights, I’ve no idea why but I just always had been.  He used to think it very funny to tease me, as men have the ability of doing so well.  I remember a holiday we had in Cornwall together in our early years, we went for a long walk on the beach and were walking along a Cliffside when he said “If we fell now we would be f***ed”, he carried on walking oblivious to the fact I had stopped dead still and was crying.  I couldn’t move, I was scared stiff then and had lost the ability to put one foot in front of the other.  Of course he found it hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing but he actually did apologise after, well that may have been after I hit him – I can’t remember which came first.
There are many tales I could tell like that, he does like to tease me.  Another instance is when I booked our flights to Sydney and booked a room at the airport as we were arriving very late in the evening, what I forgot was we would be in the air for a whole 24 hours and I booked the hotel for the same day we left England instead of for the following day – I’ve still not been allowed to live it down, our friend who we were going over to see enjoyed a nights stay at my expense.
It was that holiday to Australia where my fear of heights was conquered.  It was a magical holiday and one I will never forget.  We were there for 3 weeks and it just wasn’t long enough.   We flew into Sydney, went on a boat tour around Sydney Harbour, visited Burwood and Darling Harbour, visited the Sydney Aquarium, Featherdale wildlife park where I got stroke baby wallaby’s  and baby kangaroo and I was even able to cuddle a koala.
We visited the Blue Mountains and went on the scariest cable car which was actually terrifying for me but I did it, OK I may have had my eyes closed most of the time but shhhh don’t tell anyone!
The Blue Mountains
We then headed for Brisbane for a trip to visit family and to stay with them, of course detouring for a day trip to Mooloolabar Beach which was deserted and beautiful. We fitted in Australia Zoo and then head back to Sydney for our flights home.

However in typical last minute planning we managed to fit in this:
Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
17th October 2003
Yes that’s me the girl scared of heights climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge – the largest single span arch bridge in the world, a bridge which is 503 metres long , 49 metres wide but a TERRIFYING 134 metres high! And do you know what?
I loved it, I loved every single minute of it (well there was about 10 minutes where I was shaking terribly – you have to climb up inside a cage to get to the top, and next to the cage are the cars driving past – that’s pretty scary!).
Don’t you just love those outfits? essential but hideous too.
Ever since then I haven’t been scared of heights and have since done this to raise money for Cancer Research UK:
Abseiling Waltham Abbey Church
October 2011

That’s me on the left, abseiling my local church – as you do.  I loved that and want to do it all over again!  I can admit I’m a little worried about the skydive but if I can do these things I can do that too!



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8 thoughts on “The holiday which conquered a fear of heights

  1. How fantastic that you conquered your fear and now do so many things to raise money for charity. I wouldn't say I'm afraid of heights, but I don't think I could climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I lived in Sydney for 6 years but it was before you were allowed to climb, so I've never done it.

  2. Wow well done you, that's amazing! I would love to visit Australia but I am a wimp at heights and not the best at flying either. You must be so proud of yourself x

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