The Inbetween Era

My baby is growing up, it’s safe to say the baby days are long gone and we are into toddlerhood but I’m not ready to admit he is outgrowing those fast.

He has become so independent recently that it’s scary.

He sees Emmy ride her scooter to school everyday and he wants to as well, as soon as we are en-route home he start asking to get out the buggy and “me walk now”, “me ride scooootter “.  It’s cute but it’s also difficult.

The walk to school takes about 20/25 minutes with Emmy riding along,  15/20 with me pushing the buggy to collect her and then longer again on the way back.

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Now Harry is just 2, he was 2 in October so still small.  He is tall though so we do get the looks and comments about how he should be walking now. Don’t even get me started on that one……if you ever say it within ear shot you will be lectured about minding your own business and parent your own kids and not mine (yes I’ve done it numerous times, interfering busybodies!)

Anyway I’m torn as there are roads, en-route to school and they are busy. I therefore need Harry to stay in the buggy until we are past them but once he is out I’m left pushing the buggy and speed walking after him as he does like to run, he makes a beeline for roads and while he does stop when I tell him to I can’t risk him listening all the time.

For the school run I mainly use our Xplory,  which is perfect when he is in it but once out its a different story. It’s not a buggy you can run/speed walk with.

I’m now pondering a smaller stroller style pushchair.

I still need a pushchair as he sleeps every afternoon,  if he misses this at home he catches up in the buggy on the walk to school.  But what to get?

We have the Yezz still but it doesn’t recline so that’s ruled out, thats a nipping quickly to the shops, tube buggy – not one I’m overly keen on but does a job.

I’m currently looking at the Babyzen Yoyo as an option.  We first had a play around with this at the babyshow at Bluewater last year and Emmy was very taken with it, infact she had a tantrum when we took her out.

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I’m thinking that it’s a lightweight option and reclines for when he naps then when he is walking in can fold it down and use the strap to carry to.

Has anyone tried this pushchair firsthand? I know it has won awards but would it be the solution for us?

It of course wouldn’t replace the Xplory as I love it!

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