The one that got away and the one who was left behind…

My Father-in-law is a lovely man, he really is – he will do anything and everything for anyone and he rarely has a bad word to say.
He has his flaws obsessions though, as anyone who knows him or even chats with him over on Twitter will vouch for.
He is a fisherman.
He loves it!  If he isn’t fishing, he is talking about fishing or reading about it, repacking his tackle boxes, or fiddling around with his lines, bait boxes and bait.
He has a special fridge/freezer in the garage for his maggots – much to my Mother-in-laws disgust and he has a van which has been specially kitted out inside with shelves and storage for the rods and equipment.
He fishes most Sundays, is a member of a fishing club and they regularly fish matches, so he also practices for those before a big match.  They have award ceremonies and he just loves it. 
Holidays in this country are often taken near or even on lakes where he can fish for part of the holiday and then spend the rest shopping with his lovely wife. 
It’s actually very lovely that he has a hobby he LOVES so much and it has rubbed off on Emmy.  She loves to help Grandad with his bait, playing with his maggots (I know strange child) but it means they can share a love/hobby together.
He is teaching her to fish too, she has her own rod and in the Summer they spend a lot of time on the lake together when possible.  Now she is older it will be a lot more frequent too.
 Harry can’t wait to learn and try his hand at fishing with Grandad too.

It actually seems to be a pattern in our families as my Dad fishes too, as young children we would spend most weekends on the lake/canal fishing.  Mum was never keen and hated the actual fishing but she would take her knitting or crochet and sit with us.

I clearly remember my brother not being keen on the maggots and I baited the hooks – yes I was a weird child too, I loved fishing but did get bored when I wasn’t catching and would annoy my Dad by moving up and down the canal and not sticking to one space.  I was forever moving my rod around and recasting.

Dad didn’t fish for ages, even after giving up work but has just taken it up again and goes while my Mum is at work so she no longer has to sit and get bored.

As I said earlier my Father-in-Law fishes nearly every Sunday leaving my poor Mother-in-Law sitting at home alone, My Brother-in-law is usually off working at the weekends as he is a children’s entertainer or he is recovering from a post Football watching session. 

Thankfully she no longer has to be a sports widow when left alone as Betfair have kindly sent me a Pamper Parcel which will be winging it’s way over to her next time she is too poorly for Church on a Sunday.  Paul takes her to Church on Sunday mornings when she is well enough – sadly her treatments are taking their toll – the Chemo is horrible and Herceptin isn’t much nicer.

We feel she needs a lovely treat and therefore we are saving this wonderful Pamper Parcel for a day when she needs a pick me up and a lovely treat.

The parcel came beautiful packaged in a wooden box with the contents carefully wrapped – now I’m sure Anne won’t mind next time Phil heads off out as she can treat herself to a pamper session.

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