The perfect ways to warm up on a snow day

With Storm Emma upon us and most of the school’s now having snow days across the country, its safe to say it’s rather cold out there now!

Our school is still open, with most of the staff living locally they have been able to still get into work this week (with a few exceptions) so they have opened – in fact I don’t think our school have ever closed due to weather conditions. Of course this is great for parents who are working and the kids have been having fun outside having snowball fights with their friends and teachers too.

My kids are undecided whether they like the school being open or not but have enjoyed me collecting them early as we have come straight home from school and played in the fields by our house.

Kids pulling sledge

Of course playing outside in the snow is great for a while but you certainly can’t do that all day long – not if you value feeling in your extremities that is.

Once you have finished playing you’ll certainly need to warm up and this may take some time if you’ve been outside for a long period of time.

Snow Angels

Here are some ways you could warm up – traditional ways, fun ways and a few crazy ones thrown in for good measure:

  • Remove all wet clothing
    Obvious of course but staying in wet clothes will make you poorly.
    Put wet gloves, hats and scarves on the radiator to dry ready for the next time you go out, hang up coats to dry out and place boots in the hall on a towel or newspaper as the snow will melt and leave puddles.
  • Put on warm clothes
    Your clothes may not be wet but they could be cold, or a little damp from snowballs
  • Hot chocolate or a warm drink
    Warm yourself from the inside out.
    A favourite of the kids is hot chocolate and marshmallows while I am more partial to a hot coffee with perhaps a little Baileys in it.
    The kids love to dunk cookie into their too
  • Snuggle on the sofa with a duvet and a good movie
    I find the kids sit happily still if they are snuggled up under a blanket with me with a good film which grips us all – comedies or animated films are our favourites and as we have the Movies package on NowTV we have lots to choose from which is perfect for these cold days. You can find vouchers and promo codes for NowTV over on Groupon which means you’ll be able to save money in the process too.
  • A nice warm Bubbly bath
    This is a suggestion from Kara who has also been loving the snow with her children this week enjoying a snow day today. She says there’s nothing better than jumping into the tub to warm up and even got in with her daughter today as both their hairs were frozen after so long outside.

    Photo Credit: Kara –
  • Just Dance
    Another suggestion from Kara – she had the kids dancing around the front room playing a few games of Just Dance on the Switch. It brings a smile to everyone’s faces, instantly warms you up and is great exercise at the same time.
  • Make a den
    Kids love den building and you can use all the things you’ll find around the house already – pillows, blankets, duvets etc.
    Use chairs, sofa cushions or even use the kitchen table as your base – throw over a blanket to make the tent/den and then make your den cosy with your duvets and pillows. You can use torches, night lights or even glow sticks to light up your den – which once you are all comfortably warm inside makes a perfect reading nook for story time.
  • Play party games
    Musical bumps is a great one for warming you up and getting you moving
  • Dressing gowns
    Laura says popping your dressing gown over your clothes when you get in is an instant way to warm up, she also says thinking about a short Hiit workout may work just as well as actually doing one too…..the thought of exercise sends my heart rate up and my temperature rises too so I’m inclined to agree with her here!
  • Kids in general
    Mandi – who is a Mum to 7 children says kids in general will help warm you up as typically. She says “I sit down for 30 seconds to have a warm cup of tea and you can guarantee 4 children want stuff which involves me charging around the house and squeezing into shoe cupboards or wardrobes to find the missing items. This always moves me up!”
  • Baking/cooking
    My kids love nothing more than baking a fresh batch of cookies – mainly because they can lick the bowl and eat them after.
    They also love helping to make and prepare homemade soups which are great for eating when we come back in from playing in the snow.

How do you like to warm up after being outside in the cold?

**Collaborative post**


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18 thoughts on “The perfect ways to warm up on a snow day

  1. What I really miss is to play with snow during winter. and that is such a great and nice family bonding. Looks like you really enjoy and you had fun with your kids.

  2. All your suggestions sound amazing to me. I love to get warm with a snuggly blanket and a hot chocolate!

  3. It seems like you really enjoy to play in the snow. That is such a cool idea for winter and family outdoor bonding.

  4. I love that you enjoyed playing outdoors as a family! It’s really nice when you go out with the kids and just have fun. I love all the suggestions you have for staying warm after a long day of playing in the snow!

  5. those kids are the cutest! They looked like they were having such a good time! Made me wish I was a id a gain and go play in the snow! haha
    best wishes 🙂

  6. What helps me warm up is a hot coco and moving around the house doing chores, the snow is nice for a few day but not for long for me 🙂

  7. I basically live in my dressing gown, I started this years ago and now my sister does it and her daughter does it too! So snuggly! Just hate the panic of getting out of it when the door bell rings haha. Its been fun having the snow, I am glad that the young children get to see more than the sprinkling of it, I can’t remember the last time there was enough to actually do anything with it!
    Ithfifi recently posted…Tropical Oasis Nail ArtMy Profile

  8. The place where I stay has no snow throughout the year and pretty warm so by just looking at these pictures of the snow and kids really make me wanted to feel snow. I have seen snow only during my vacation in cold countries but I have no experience enough to cope with the coldness. Your tips are really cool and I shall try it out when I explore snow in cold places.

  9. I usually warm up with a hot drink! It’s definitely important to make sure you warm up properly after being out in the cold, especially to keep kids from getting sick!

  10. We grew up with a wood burning stove and a large hill behind our house. We’d go in and strip off all wet clothes, stand in front of the fire and drink our hot cocoa. Nothing better in my opinion.

  11. Whenever it snows here before we head out we always toss our “after clothes” in the dryer, extra toasty for us when we change from our wet clothing. And hot chocolate as you mentioned above is a must for our 4 children.

  12. These are great ideas. I have been missing the snow this year as no matter where I was (Spain and Germany), it wasn’t snowing. I know it’s been chaos pretty much everywhere in the UK and Ireland but great fun at the same time.


  13. Ooh snuggling up on the couch with a duvet and a movie is my idea of the perfect end to a snow day! Add in a hot chocolate and there’s nothing better!

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