The Snowman and The Snowdog: Great Festive Bake Off Blog Tour

It’s now almost December and we are certainly beginning to feel the festive spirit building, our tree will be up at the beginning of December and most of the presents are hidden away (now just to remember where they are safely hidden and not forget as I usually do).
One thing that gets us really into the Christmas mood is watching The Snowman and of course The Snowman and the Snowdog – this will be aired once again this Christmas on Channel 4.
To celebrate this I have teamed up with a group of bloggers to join in with a #SnowmanSnowdog blog tour.  This is a Bake Off Blog Tour – we have all been sent a wonderfully cute The Snowman and The Snowdog Cookie cutter set from Party Delights these are priced at £4.75 for the set of two.
Now sadly I am no baker and I am rubbish when it comes to decorating biscuits and cupcakes etc.
Thankfully they also send over a decorating tutorial from the Biscuteers team but sadly for me it didn’t seem to make a blind bit of difference especially as the children were helping to decorate too.

To make our biscuits I used a recipe I have used many times before, a basic biscuit recipe which is easy for the kids to make and roll out themselves.

The children happily got stuck into getting messy and kneaded the biscuit dough and rolled it out flat – spilling most of the flour onto the floor and wearing the rest in their hair and on their clothes.

They had great fun making our biscuits but even more fun decorating them, using nearly all of the icing on just a few biscuits.

 Didn’t they do well? They copied the pictures on the cookie packaging and tried really hard.  They then happily went off to play with their new Snowdog soft toy, a large Plush dog which looks just like the dog from their much loved movie.  This is available from Argos, Amazon and all good retailers and is priced at £17.99.

Of course I just had to had a try myself so melted some white chocolate and came up with these creations, I did say I wasn’t very good but I did at least try hard.

While the children were waiting to eat these – you have to let the icing set for a while after all, I distracted them with some cooking games on their Tablets. These types of games are Emmy’s favourite as they engage her and make her want to help me in the kitchen.  She has been enjoying the Poki games, as have I as there is a good selection and Harry can join in and help her too.

#SnowmanSnowdog, The Snowman and the Snowdog, Blog Tour

Why not hop on over to  who will be posting her creations tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “The Snowman and The Snowdog: Great Festive Bake Off Blog Tour

  1. I think this is so cute, love how the kids decorated the biscuits and it's all about the fun I think. I also have often forgotten where I've put presents. I think I once found something about 6 months later 🙂

  2. Looks like you all had lots of fun! I love what biscuiteers do but it can be so hard to replicate unless the icing consistency is just right. Sometimes I just roll out ready to roll icing and put that on cookies instead and just do details with line icing. I look forward to following this blog hop – looks so much fun! X

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