The story of us personalised papercut review

the sory of us papercut review

Our house is covered in children’s art work, we are proud parents and we want to show the children that we value and appreciate their artistic efforts – of course it doesn’t usually match in with the décor of our house but things need to give and I would rather have the kids school work on the fridge, kitchen cupboards and walls then stuffed in a draw with them asking what has happened to it and where it is.

Our house is in need of another lick of paint all over if I am honest, the front room features hand prints over the walls and stains from their wall drawing efforts where I have been forced to scrub areas to remove the crayon, pencil or pen marks.

Recently we purchased a new bed base as the kids had jumped on our metal framed one so many times it had broken and although we turned the frame around so the broken part was at the foot of the bed it was just too annoying to live with any longer – we had to remember not to sit on that area while dressing/getting ready and lets face it in the early hours of the morning while sleep deprived that never happened and we faced the risk of falling through onto the floor….yes that happened a few times!

The new bed purchase was because we were sent an amazing new mattress to try out from Fuum (more on that later this week) and if you have a mattress which means you can wake up pain free for the first time in forever then we decided that it was the perfect time for a new base too.

Unfortunately, between us and lack of communication (never discuss important matters such as new furniture late at night while tired) when the new bed arrived it didn’t fit into the gap in the bedroom – our old bed was a king sized bed but the headboard/frame the same size as the mattress, while the new one had a headboard and frame slightly bigger than the mattress and it didn’t fit with out fitted bedside tables. I have had to lose mine to make room for the bed BUT all is not lost as I can now purchase a new slimfit unit and redecorate our bedroom which hasn’t been decorated since we moved in 14 years ago. I plan to get the carpet changed soon and want a feature wall behind our bed and the walls repainted too.

With plans of this revamp I turned to the smaller items first and with perfect timing Twenty Fingers got in touch asking if we would like to choose a personalised papercut picture. Searching their site I was instantly drawn to their ‘Story of us’ papercuts as it would be perfect for our feature wall in the bedroom. It features all the important dates of family life, personalised to each family – you can pick and choose whichever dates and events you’d like to feature.

I chose our first date – we actually got together at a friends 21st birthday party, when we got engaged – I’m afraid to say that I couldn’t for the life of me remember the actual date – a complete fail, I expected Paul to have forgotten the date too so didn’t ask him (turns out I was wrong and he actually did remember) – the reason I couldn’t remember was because he’d gone to a works Christmas party, got very drunk and I’d picked him up. He then threw a ring box at me in his bedroom of his parents house and said “and….?”, the box of course contained an engagement ring which he’d planned to give me a few days/week later while staying in a posh hotel only his Dad know and couldn’t keep a secret so I was in danger of finding out early hence the rushed and impromptu proposal.

Because I couldn’t remember the date I have just added the year we were engaged thinking Paul wouldn’t remember either, I was wrong but when I took to Facebook to ask my friends it turns out hardly any who responded knew the date they were engaged either so I do feel much better for this!

I have also included the date of our wedding, don’t worry I do know this, and the date each of the kids were born. as well as having the last section of the papercut showing a figure of a man and wife with the wording “The Nicholas Family”.

Ordering was really easy (I was given a code to add at checkout), but once you have chosen your design you then have 6 sections to add the wording of your choice and your chosen dates and you also have a section to add any details of specific embellishments you’d like – flowers for wedding or wedding rings – this is entirely your choice).

After ordering you are given the change to proofread your selections before paying and once the order is received you are also emailed a sample proof before it is cut to ensure you are 100% happy with your order.

Once I had replied to say my proof was correct my order arrived well packaged in a matter of days, under the packaging it was also wrapped like a present in case you are giving as a gift.

You are able to choose the colour frame you would like and the colour you’d like your papercut with a large choice of colours, this is then mounted in a glass frame ready to place on the wall.

I absolutely love our story of us and will certainly be ordering a few more a gifts for special occasions, the whole ordering process is completely pain free and I certainly can not fault the delivery time. My special personalised story of our life is absolutely perfect and I love it.

Now we just need to decorate the bedroom so I can hang in pride of place above our bed.

Twenty Fingers also make many other personalised items from wedding and anniversary gifts, mother and father’s day items to new baby presents, family trees and many more – please do check out their website for further details – you can also find them over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchanged for this post, all thoughts and opinions are unbiased as always and formed by members of Emmy’s Mummy.



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